#Review of My First Travel Book (the Anna Othitis Travel & Learn series #1) by Anna Othitis!  w/a rafflecopter giveaway  #Travel&Learn @aothitis @BooksOnFireTour

#Review of My First Travel Book (the Anna Othitis Travel & Learn series #1) by Anna Othitis! w/a rafflecopter giveaway #Travel&Learn @aothitis @BooksOnFireTour

#Travel&Learn with Author Anna Othitis


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The Series
travel, learn, anna, othitis, books, kids, Books On FireAre you ready to take to the skies? Welcome Aboard Children! Come join the adventures of Captain Frankie and his flying angel as they travel across the world to some of the most popular, entertaining, and educational places in the world. Captain Frankie is waiting for you to book your ticket, safely stow your bags, and open your eyes to the beautiful places created for all of us to visit in My First
Travel Book series.
The Cookbook:

travel, learn, anna, othitis, books, kids, Books On FireHave Fun and Enjoy These Greek Recipes “LET’S GET GREEK COOKING NOW”

Natural Traditional Healthy Cooking with flavors from natural herbs.
Nutritional home cooked Greek food has been proved by researchers to lessen health problems. The answer is to cook and eat a wide variety of minimal processed foods to cover all the nutritional bases.
The beauty of genuine Greek cooking and eating is using a good amount of extra virgin olive oil rich in oleic acid. Legumes are rich in vitamins, vegetables high in vitamins and fibres, the probiotics in yogurt, cheeses, antioxidants in red wine, whole wheat breads, cold-pressed vegetable oils along with good exercise such as walking all increase “good” cholesterol and a healthy heart.
Eat moderate portions and now and again spoil yourself with a Greek desert, baked with nuts and semolina.

As served aboard “Angelic Airlines”

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travel, learn, anna, othitis, books, kids, Books On Fire

Anna Othitis lived and was raised in the beautiful land and country of Zimbabwe, Africa (home will always be home. She left all of her life long memories, endless charity work and good people behind vowing that she will continue supporting the needy children in her land Zimbabwe, Africa and beyond.

travel, learn, anna, othitis, books, kids, Books On Fire

Her husband George, sons Johnny, Elia and Frankie encouraged her to write her first children’s book titled “My First Travel Book”, inspired by Frankie (Captain Frankie), who is graduating
from his Masters degree in Aeronautical Science and beginning his career as a professional pilot. Anna’s favourite saying is “Be Bold Be Brave”.
She was inspired to write her children’s books with a vision to link up the children of the world with magical flights to so many beautiful places of interest and popularity on our wonderful planet Earth with all its beautiful some natural and some man made creations and resources. One of the beautiful natural wonders featured in her books is in her birth land of Zimbabwe “The Mighty Victoria Falls” All of her books educate our children and widen their scope of interest in the amazing surroundings, creations and nature to appreciate and look after our environment for many
generations still to come.

So come along and fly these magical flights with Captain Frankie and Anna!




Why did you decide to write a book? (Why do you write?)

I decided to write because I love teaching young children and giving them my knowledge. Children have to be taught to read from a young age and they love books, they have curious little minds.


How long have you been writing? (Did you write at school? Did you start recently?)


I started writing at a young age, but I only published a few years ago when I came to the USA children were curious and had questions of the world beyond them, they did not realise and know that there was a world bigger than theirs.
How do you think you’ve evolved as a writer since you’ve started? (what have you learnt?)

I have learnt to be patient when it comes to selling and learnt that a lot of tweeting and push is needed to get my work and books known. We did not have this technology in Africa, so this was all new to me. Self publishing is also something I learnt to do.
Do you do a lot of research when writing a book? (if so, explain how or what you did)

Yes I do as I like and have to get my facts right as I am writing for children that are absorbing interesting information in my books.
Where do you draw your inspiration from? (what drives you creatively)

I draw my inspiration from our son Captain Frankie who is the main character in our children’s travel books and from my family in general as well as my autistic student children that I love to teach and read to.
Anna, Books, On, Fire, Tours, kids, books, pilot, tavel
The Real Captain Frankie!
Can you relate to any of your own stories? (Give a personal explanation if you can!)

Yes when I travelled to Greece at a young age I was curious and fascinated that one could see other parts of the world and fly in the sky with an aeroplane. I loved discovering and being adventurous, curious about other cultures around the world.
What draws you to this genre? (why do you prefer to write the stories you do?)

I love to teach the children of the world and especially the unfortunate children of Africa who are unable to travel to the rest of the world due to poverty. They love to learn and hear about the world and beyond them. They love to watch aeroplanes flying above and wonder where they fly to and their purpose of being in the deep blue skies.
How many books have you written?

I have written 4 children’s books and two Greek recipe books.


What is your favourite quote from a book?


Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t who don’t believe in magic will never find it. – The Minpins by Roald Dahl”


Any tips for aspiring authors?


Be proud of your work and never let anyone bring you down you have a unique talent and work on it. “Be bold and be Brave” my favourite quote in life.

travel, learn, anna, othitis, books, kids, Books On Fire




travel, learn, anna, othitis, books, kids, Books On Fire




Author's Top 10 Places To Travel To
New York
South Africa


travel, learn, anna, othitis, books, kids, Books On Fire

Okay, it took me no time to read this book but I truly did enjoy it.  I am a substitute teacher and ironically, I was in a 1st grade classroom today.  This book would have been perfect to read to the class.  It’s short, beautifully illustrated and teaches so much in a short period of time.
Captain Frankie doesn’t dumb it down for the children either.  He’s to the point and gives the cool highlights of each landmark.
Overall, I would highly recommend this book to any classroom and/or library.

Review by Books On Fire Tours
I thought I knew everything and so did my son. That is until we read this book! Filled with interesting places and educational facts, we got to learn more about places we had visited. We also learnt about places we had never been to before. Now we want to visit those places desperately! What made this book even more special was the poems, quizzes and the beautiful illustrations. Together with the facts, poems, quizzes and the friendly pilot, this is a highly educational and entertaining read!
This is the perfect children’s book for bedtime with a kid that LOVES to procrastinate going to sleep. It took us less than 5 minutes to read and it was mentally stimulating enough to make him sleepy.
But more than that! This little book inspires our little dreamers to one day travel the world. If enough kids read, and open their minds and hearts to new cultures and experiences, perhaps they will have a better chance of making this world a peaceful and better place. Maybe they will look after our beautiful world better than we ever could. Perhaps our future generations will succeed where we have failed.

Review by Nick Vee
Excellent book for younger children!! I was able to show my kids some of the different wonders of the world without leaving the comfort of my living room! It was entertaining and educational and I would recommend it to all parents trying to immerse their kids in educational and fun reading. I am really looking forward to the next book.


travel, learn, anna, othitis, books, kids, Books On Fire

Review by Robin Leigh Morgan

After reading/reviewing a slew of adult books I felt the need to start reading/reviewing books intended for the inner child in me; books which would allow my inner child’s imagination to blossom and flourish, while at the same time educate my mind with interesting new places and facts.

After perusing Amazon for children’s books I found three books written by Anna Othitis which would satisfy my desire to be a child again, reading a book intended for me.Being a child of the 1950’s when I wanted to play with my friends; besides playing all the regular games we loved to play, we would ultimately wind up playing pretend or make believe sometimes for hours.

In “My First Travel Book” not only did I get, or any reader will get, is to pretend we’re on a plane with Captain Frankie who will take us to several places around the world so we can learn about them.

The book begins with showing the flags of the various places its readers will be taken to. Arriving at each of the planned destinations readers will be given a poetic description of the place/site, followed by information about is being seen. And to make sure everyone reading the book understands what they’ve been taught, Captain Frankie then asks questions about it.
I, as I’ve already said, found this book to have a twofold purpose; to turn on a child’s imagination while at the same teaching them something in an enjoyablemanner so their minds will remember it. For having done this so imaginatively, I’m giving Ms. Othitis 5 STARS

Review by Jessica Cassidy;
Little traveller best book buddy to carry anywhere in a trip.
My summer babe who’s 8 loves to read this book. I let her read the book and tell me the story. We were happy that our famous tourist spot Niagara Falls is mention in the book. We lived about 45 minutes drive from the famous waterfalls in the world. She also learnt different countries and continents aside from USA. This book is amazingly beautiful. The illustrations are so beautiful. I know that all kids will LOVE reading this book.
My First Travel Book by Ms.Anna Othitis is now part of her book collections in her room. It is now part of her bedtime story to read. I highly recommend this book to all the kids who only not loves to travel but would love to explore the world by reading each pages. There are many beautiful places to learn and explore about this travel book.Frankie the pilot is very friendly. All the kids will have a fun ride and travel with him. You will also love the name of the airlines. It is one of the sweetest airlines my summer babe reads.
Kids before you travel and maybe your first time in an aeroplane, do not forget to tell your parents to grab this book. It will help you to enjoy your plane ride and explore places you never imagine.
travel, learn, anna, othitis, books, kids, Books On Fire


travel, learn, anna, othitis, books, kids, Books On Fire


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Review and Giveaway of Stolen Time by Angela Rae Harris

Review and Giveaway of Stolen Time by Angela Rae Harris

Stolen Time Banner

Genre: New Adult Paranormal

Publisher: Tri Destiny Publishing


Tragedy has made Keaira wise beyond her twenty years. Forced to work for the General, a commanding man who blackmailed his way into her life, she was ordered to study self-defense and master knife throwing. In the hidden community of Shifters, falcons are considered weak, a fact which may ultimately save her life. To escape his cruelty, she will need to call upon her quick-witted falcon side, but the General has other plans – ones which involve his only son, Carson.

When unexpected feelings form between Keaira and Carson, the General quickly moves his pieces into place, launching his quest to take over the world. If she wants to survive, Keaira must stay one step ahead in the General’s deadly game and discover his weaknesses. Even if it means risking her life and the lives of those she cares about most.

With war on the horizon, sides are being drawn.  Deadly secrets must be exposed. Time is running out for Keaira and all of mankind.


Keaira jumped when her desk phone rang. Cursing, she picked up the phone.

“Mr. Scott’s office.”

“Hey, it’s Carson.”

Keaira felt her face light up.

“Oh. Hi. How did you get my work number?” Keaira shook her head at her own stupid question. “Ugh, I think I already knew the answer to that.”

“Sorry. I talked to my dad this morning. Just thought I’d warn you that he was asking questions about us.” He sounded a little unsure of himself.

“It’s not a big deal. So, what’s up?”

Keaira twirled her chair around to stare at the boring white wall behind her.

“I was just going to tell you I’d really like to see you again. How does tomorrow night sound?”

Keaira pushed her foot lightly against the floor to turn the chair the way around and rested her elbows on her desk. The deep sound of his voice made her feel a little light headed.

“I’m free.” Keaira caught herself before she giggled. I will not act like a giddy little school-girl over a guy, even Carson.

“Dinner and bowling with my friends all right with you?” He sounded nervous, not at all like the confident, easy-going Carson of the night before.

“Sounds like fun.”

“Last time you shot down my idea, so I just wanted to make sure. I’ll pick you up after work.” Now he was back to the cocky Carson she had been with last night.

“See ya then. Bye.”

Keaira turned back around to hang up, but the cord wouldn’t reach the cradle. She untangled it from around the chair and freed the finger that was all wrapped up in the cord from twisting it while she was talking to Carson. Gah, I am acting like a school-girl. Who doesn’t use cordless phones these days anyways.

Keaira was so distracted she didn’t see Mr. Scott come into her office. She nearly fell out of her chair when she looked up. She could understand not hearing or seeing him enter, but surely she should have smelled his cologne when he came into the room. I hate that cologne.

He tried to smile. To Keaira it just looked like a sneer. She’d love to be the one who wiped it from his face one day.

He said, “Sorry, did I interrupt something?”

She narrowed her eyes at him. He knew damn well she had just been on the phone with Carson.

“Not interrupting, no.”

He set a handful of papers on her desk. “New membership information.”

Keaira took the papers and started looking through them. Despite her obvious attempt to ignore him, the General didn’t leave. She avoided his gaze as she started transferring bank accounts and phone numbers to the computer. He pulled up a chair to the front of the desk.

“So how are things going with Carson?”

He unbuttoned his navy-blue suit jacket as he sat down, exposing the crisp white dress shirt underneath.

Keaira didn’t look at him.

“Considering you are my boss and he is your son, there are two strikes against you. I guess the fact that you hold my life in your hands is the third reason why I will not talk to you about anything having to do with me and Carson.”

The General chuckled. “I knew I could trust you to keep secrets.”

Keaira tried not to let him affect her, but the tremor, which ran up her spine, couldn’t be stopped. Her fingers clenched into fists, and she figured that while he was in a good mood she would broach the subject that had been nagging at her all day.

“Speaking of secrets, why are you keeping your, um, plans from your family?”

She held her breath, hoping she would not regret acting on her curiosity. She peered at him out of the corner of her eye.

The General sighed and looked at her oddly. Funny, he thinks he can trust me. Keaira inwardly laughed. She met his brown eyes as he stared at her. A minute passed with neither of them moving. He finally leaned back in his chair and closed the door. Keaira relaxed a bit, allowing herself to breathe.

“I don’t want to put them in harm’s way any more than I already have. Those who deny the rise of the higher class may try to get information out of them.”

He spoke quickly. Keaira had the feeling he wasn’t telling her the whole reason.

Not being the best at holding her tongue, Keaira whispered, “You don’t want them to try to stop you.”

The General suddenly stood and then returned the chair to its place in the corner. He turned back toward Keaira, and she slumped into her chair as his brown eyes bore into hers.

“I love my family. I will not let anything hurt them.” He gave her one last hard glance as he opened the office door and left.

Keaira sat there, mouth wide open and watched him leave.

She believed the General loved his family but on selfish terms. This man was insane, and he held her life and the lives of many others in his hands. If it were not for the collateral the General had over Keaira, she would want nothing to do with his scheme to rule over the humans. She swallowed the lump in her throat as she reminded herself he had the ability to take any life he wanted. She wasn’t the only one in danger. Right now she was just thankful her big mouth didn’t get her into even bigger trouble.


Top ten things you don’t know about me:

1. Cotton or Silk?

Silk sheets, cotton clothes.

2.  Champagne/beer/wine?

I’m not a drinker but I do love my Coca Cola.

3.  Plotter/pantser

I don’t like to call myself a plotter even though I write an outline for each of my books. I still let the characters talk to me and if something changes I don’t hesitate to listen to what they have to say.

4.  Describe your workspace

Most days it is sitting on the couch in the living room with my five-year-old running around and my three-year-old seeing the laptop as competition as he tries to climb on my lap. One day I might have an office but for right now I’ll take what I can get. J

5.  Sports fan or just tolerate it?

I grew up watching football and basketball with my dad all weekend every weekend. In high school I had to explain to the boys what was happening on the field. I’m a Colts fan but I love Manning so I root for the Broncos too.

6.  Who is your biggest influence on writing?

I would have to say J.K. Rowling because Harry Potter gave me the reading bug and I wouldn’t be writing today if I hadn’t discovered J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world.

7.  Favorite food –

Ice Cream – Any kind of ice cream. J
8.  When did you start writing?

About two years ago. I started reading more and my imagination began to create its own stories. I started writing them down when these stories started interrupting my sleep schedule.

9.  If money were no object, where would you like to live?

New Zealand. They have two of my favorite things in one place: the ocean and the mountains.
10.  What’s next for you?

I’m working on the next book in The Time Series getting it ready for a spring release.

Thank you for having me! I hope your readers enjoy Stolen Time.


Pink here…I loved this book and hated it at the same time.  What I loved about it was that even though it was New Adult, it didn’t have the angst that I’m beginning to hate in all New Adult books.  I mean really…no one and I mean NO ONE is that broken, emotional crippled, etc. that they can’t find their way out without the help of a girlfriend/boyfriend.  Ugh.  No thanks.  What’s the difference in Stolen Time?  The characters and they way that Ms. Harris wrote them.  Yes, Keiara had problems.  Losing her boyfriend in a horrific car wreck when everything was going so well.  But she pulled up her boot straps and got on with living.

Okay, so the life wasn’t all that great but she wasn’t dependent on another man to bring her happiness in and out of her bed.  In fact, that is another great thing about the book.  There is no sex at all.  A little kissing and maybe some petting (as Harlie says) but nothing that your grandmother can’t read.  The crux of the story is how Keiara came under the somewhat misguidance of the General and how that all played out.

What I didn’t like was this…ITS A PREQUEL and now I have to wait for the next book.  Grrr….  The ending was surprising and left me on pins and needles.  I don’t have a clue when the next book will be out but trust me, I will be buying it and reading it.  I loved Keiara, the General’s son Carson and what’s with the family that can’t leave?  Too many unanswered questions but at the same time, questions were answered.

Again, Grrrr but AWESOMESAUCE, too.  I’m picky about my PNR but I will definitely be looking for the next book from Ms. Harris.

Totally stole...again!  Harlie's NOT happy!

Totally stole…again! Harlie’s NOT happy!


About the author:Angela Rae Harris Author Picutre

Angela Rae Harris:  Stories of Hope ~ Creating Dreams

Angela is an author, a wife, mother of two, and a part-time assistant office manager. She loves nights when her husband cooks. Her two kids keep her hopping and help her tap into her well of creativity and imagination.

At thirteen, Angela read Harry Potter and was reacquainted with books. She reads everything from Steven King to Will Hobbs. She started writing after her youngest was born. The characters started to visit and wouldn’t let her sleep until she wrote down their stories.

She’d love for people to get lost in her books.

Website/Blog / Facebook Fan Page / Twitter / Goodreads

Book Links:

Amazon / Amazon U.K. / Barnes & Noble / Smashwords / Goodreads


Ebooks of Stolen Time
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Author Interview of Girl in the Middle’s Christine Bailey

Author Interview of Girl in the Middle’s Christine Bailey


1. What inspired you to write your first book?

At first, it was my own experiences as a teen—the way I remembered them—that inspired me to write Girl in the Middle. Then, very early on, the story morphed and became Skye’s story, not my own. Also, a local teen who went missing and the media that surrounded the crisis inspired me. It haunted me for days after hearing that story, and I wondered how the family coped in the aftermath.

2. Do you have a specific writing style? Typically, my realistic prose has a hint of sarcasm emanating from my protagonists. I like to read biting humor in others’ works and I also like contrasts/complexities in characters. The following passage shows Skye dealing with her hippie-esque mom:

Whistles and other strange sounds echoed from the rear of the vehicle. I lowered my head to look out one of the windows.

“Is that your mom?” the yellow-toothed bus driver asked.

“Oh my gosh,” I said.

“Your. Lunch. Skye!” my mom yelled.

“Just drive. NOW,” I begged the bus driver.

My mom, in a flimsy hot pink robe and worn cowboy boots, bounded across the lawn with my lunchbox in her hand. As she ran, her robe came untied and revealed a barely-there tank top and shorts that were even shorter than Sophie’s skirt. She jumped and waved her arms like she was trying out for the cheer team. Her hair, loose and dark like mine, bounced on her shoulders. I’m not sure she was wearing a bra.

“Drive, please,” I said.

The bus driver shut the door and put the gear in drive. I scooted down in a seat and hid behind my horn case on my lap. I gripped the green vinyl seat and held my breath.

“That’s one hot mother,” a voice from the back said.

“For sure,” another said.

“Oh, I know. I had her.”

“Whatever! No, you didn’t.”

“Hey, Luke Skywalker, were you adopted?”

“How’s the mom so hot and the daughter so ugly?”

Marcella, who was sitting with her brother in the seat in front of me, popped her head up. “Why do they call you that?”

“What?” I asked.

“Luke Skywalker. Why do they call you that?”

“Because my last name is Walker. Get it? Skye. Walker.”

Marcella scrunched up her nose and shook her head. Shrugging, she stuffed part of a granola bar in her mouth.

“Have you been living in a hole for the past decade? Does Star Wars ring a bell? The movie? I get called Luke or Princess Leia just about on a daily basis.”

“Never seen it. We don’t watch television at my house,” she said with her mouth still full.

“Well, you’re about the only one on this planet who hasn’t heard of it.” I’ve been traumatized my whole life having to live with the stupid name my mom swears didn’t have anything to do with Star Wars.

“It’s true,” Kyler said. “We don’t watch TV. We’re not allowed. But I’ve heard of it before. Oh, and yeah, your mom really is, uh, hot, you know.” He grinned.

“Yes, I know. She’s hot. I get it. You can turn around now, thanks.”

3. How did you come up with the title?

In my MFA program during a workshop, people noted how they didn’t think the original title would have great pull. The original title was Ordinary Girl. They said, “Who wants to read about ordinary, hum-drum stuff? That’s not very exciting.” So, I changed it to Girl in the Middle because, for one, Skye is the middle sister, but she’s also put in the middle of situations that always seem to challenge her and stretch her as an individual. The following excerpt also inspired the title:

That had been an amazing birthday. My sisters and I had been talking for weeks about going to Florida in the Winnebago with Aggie and Jimbo (part summer vacation, part birthday present), but Sarah Elizabeth bailed at the last minute. Mom and Dad acted all shifty about it and agreed to let her stay home with them. So it was just me and my hippie grandparents and my sister Sophie. It took us three days to get there.

We ended up having a blast. We went to Disney World, but on the first day at the park, something happened. It wasn’t anything huge or life shattering, but something inside me changed. Clicked.

I found myself surrounded by large, nonhuman characters—a mouse and a duck and something goofy that seemed oddly sad. The merry-go-rounds and the high-in-the-sky roller coasters tormented me. I was stuck somewhere in the middle; I felt too old for the “kiddie” rides, but I didn’t have the courage to face Space Mountain either. I was stuck in the middle of being a kid and a grown-up, and it all hit me as I stood in the hot sun while one of Snow White’s seven dwarves was giving me the eye.

4. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Difficulties arise in our lives that we must learn to overcome, no matter how painful. Sometimes it’s being bullied or overcoming heartache or understanding how to deal with psychological warfare, but hope exists with every sunrise.

5.  Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

A couple of the events in Girl in the Middle are loosely based on my own experiences in high school; however, they are more of a blending and morphing of actual events. None of the characters are based on actual people, but rather on a blending of many personality types. The following excerpt, about a silly “Hot” sticker did happen though!

After class, while walking down the hall to band, the most embarrassing, horrific, make-you-want-to-die thing happened. It started when Will Hutton, a junior, said to me, “Hey, you’re hot.”

I kept walking and turned to see him smile, or laugh—I couldn’t tell. I got this crazy jolt of the “what-ifs,” but then it happened again. Next, Jordan Miller called out, “Hey, hottie.”

By this time, I was freaking out a little.

Then Caitlen passed me saying, “Oh, you’re hot, flaming hot, Skye.”

“What is going on?” I asked.

“Come here.” She pulled me off to the side. “You have a bright orange sticker on your butt.”

“What?” I escaped to the bathroom, peeled the sticker from my khaki skirt, and stared at it in my hand. It was one of those stickers they put on sausage in the meat department or on wings from the deli. Sure enough, the bright orange tag had the word HOT on it with little flames.

6. What books have most influenced your life most?

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger •  Night by Elie Wiesel• Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young GirlAre You There God? It’s Me Margaret by Judy Blume • Go Ask AliceSpeak by Laurie Halse Anderson • Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian • Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird • A Separate Peace by John Knowles • Lord of the Flies by William Golding • The Once and Future King by Terence Hanbury White

7. If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Judy Blume and John Hughes. Hughes was a screenwriter and producer, but it was his collection of films in the 80s and 90s that have influenced my writing the most. I wanted to recreate the innocent, angsty teen stories that spoke to me when I was a teen, such as the following Hughes films: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Weird Science, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, and Some Kind of Wonderful. These screenplays are timeless expressions of art as well as quirky, real coming of age stories.

8. What book are you reading now?

Reason to Breathe from The Breathing Series by Rebecca Donovan

9. What are your current projects?

I am working on the second book in the series, Girl Under Water, about Skye’s sister Sarah Elizabeth.

10. Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.

Other writers.


Fifteen-year-old Skye, the middle child, finds herself wishing for a new life-one that doesn’t include daily harassment from the in-crowd at Highland Creek High School. Skye barely survived freshman year. She only did because her best friend, Goose, a semi-popular fellow band geek, was by her side. But when their sophomore year starts, Goose ditches Skye for a new crowd.

Cast into a lone existence at Highland Creek, Skye wishes for a touch of extraordinary that everyone, except her, seems to have. Her older sister, Sara Elizabeth, has it. Goose is getting close to it, and even her little sister is wildly popular in junior high. Skye would do almost anything to cast off her ordinary life…but at what price?

When her older sister goes missing without a trace, Skye gets her wish…but it’s not exactly what she had in mind. And when she questions Bryan, the senior class renegade and also the last person to be seen with her sister, she finds something she never quite expected.

Author Bio:

 Christine H. Bailey teaches creative writing and written composition at a private university in west Tennessee. Before teaching English, Christine worked as a journalist, a marketing/public relations writer, and a freelance editor.
Girl in the Middle is Christine’s debut novel. To learn more about the author and her work, visit her website at www.cibailey.com

ISBN: 978-0989063203

Released: 09-22-2013

Paperback | Kindle | Nook



Ten Things that You didn’t know about V.C. Repetto featuring The Tearings

Ten Things that You didn’t know about V.C. Repetto featuring The Tearings

The Tearings - V.C. Repetto - Banner

From the moment the black vans appear to take the sick away, Maya knows there is something wrong. She seems to be the only one to question the sudden disappearances at school and the masks everyone is forced to wear to keep from catching the new disease spreading through the entire United States. Even when word of the new “healing centers” reaches the public, no one dares to ask what is happening.


Title: The Tearings

Author: V.C. Repetto

Genre: Young Adult Dysopian

Publisher: Evernight Teen



But when Maya catches the disease, the one they call The Tearings, and is taken to one of these centers along with her mother, the truth becomes all too clear. She is separated from her family and forced to work, becoming one of the more fortunate ones who is not sent to the testing wings. Bullied by the guards to the point of death, she meets David Summers, the enigmatic young Captain who appears to loathe his position of power in the camp and who seems as drawn to Maya as she is to him.

When Maya suddenly becomes the disease’s only survivor, she must put her trust on David to find a way to escape the camp and get the truth, and the cure coursing through her veins, out to the world.

Top ten things you don’t know about me:

1. Cotton or Silk?

Cotton. Silk can get a bit frustrating with all the slipperiness.

2.  Champagne/beer/wine?

Wine, preferably red. Although, really, champagne would be fine, too. You wouldn’t happen to have a glass of any of those on you, right?

3.  Plotter/pantser

A bit of both, actually. I usually take the time to write down names, settings, ages, that kind of thing, but I don’t plot entire scenes beforehand. The few times I’ve tried that, my characters yelled “mutiny!” and did their own thing, anyway, so I don’t bother with getting everything planned out.

4.  Describe your workspace

It’s a big desk facing a window. Nothing fancy and I don’t even have a great view, but it is, usually, quiet, which is my main requirement when writing.

5.  Sports fan or just tolerate it?

I am not a sports fan and I don’t really tolerate it, either. My household tends to be a “sports free zone”. My whole family is that way, so I was brought up without any sense that sports were anything but screaming matches and opportunities to get drunk on beer.

6.  Who is your biggest influence on writing?

I would have to say Stephen King. I am just a huge horror fan and the way he gets into characters’ heads is incredible.

7.  Favorite food –

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (I almost wrote “Jekyll” sandwiches, which would be…quite interesting, if a bit on the cannibalistic side.)

 8.  When did you start writing?

Just a few years ago, while I was going through one of my bouts of severe depression. I was trying to find something that would pull me out of it and I latched onto writing. Haven’t stopped since.

9.  If money were no object, where would you like to live?

Somewhere in the British Isles, miles and miles away from civilization. Now, if I could live anywhere at all, fictional or not, I’d choose to live in the world of Doctor Who, traveling around in the Tardis. A bit on the dangerous side, I know, since companions tend to be captured every second and a half, but it would be terribly exciting.

10.  What’s next for you?

I am having another young adult novel published in a couple of months (you can check my webpage for details when I have more of them) and, of course, I’m starting to work on the sequel to The Tearings.

Author Bio:

When not planning how to survive the next plague and/or apocalypse, V.C. Repetto likes to submerge herself in as many Victorian Gothic novels as she can find. It is quite a fun place, her head, between all the moldy lace and gas masks. She is an avid quilter and cross-stitcher, who longs one day to buy a weaving loom. V.C. Repetto lives in house much too small for all her pets.

Website: http://vcrepetto.wix.com/vcrepetto

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vc.repetto

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VCRepetto

Author Interview w/Heather Van Fleet

Author Interview w/Heather Van Fleet

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A Long Time Coming


Heather Van Fleet

Contemporary New Adult Novel

From Sunshine Press, 266 pages


Abigail Orson has a problem. A love problem to be precise; and she has absolutely no idea how to go about fixing it.

For years now, she has been chasing her best friend’s brother—demanding things from him that he’s never wanted to give. For one? A real relationship that surpasses well beyond that dreaded ‘just friends’ zone. You see, David Anderson is her idea of perfection to a T. The one and only guy who has ever had the ability to make her heart beat faster; make her toes curl with the simple blink of his long, girly lashes. But David is also a recovering amputee, and the only thing he really wants from Abigail is to be left alone. Abigail is a fighter though, and losing the one guy who has ruined her for every other is no longer an option.

A guy with one leg who has lost his motivation to live—to love—to actually be a man. David believes he’s a waste of space. If only the beautiful girl of his unattainable dreams would get that through her perfect, blonde, stubborn head! He’s not the right guy for Abigail. He’ll never be worthy of what she deserves. However, staying away is almost impossible, especially when he’s just as in love with her as she is with him. But Abigail has a life ahead of her, one that’s definitely livable without a nineteen–year–old gimp like him holding her down. What makes her want to stick around is beyond questionable to David’s mind.

Choices will be made. Lines will be drawn. And together, they will face challenges that nobody saw coming. David and Abigail may have had almost fourteen years to fall in love, but the thing is, timing and love have never exactly worked in their favor.

It has been years in the making, and definitely A Long Time Coming for David and Abigail. Let’s hope they don’t screw it up before they actually have the chance to get it right…

A Long Time Coming

Buy links:

Smashwords – http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/376721

All Romance Ebooks – https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-alongtimecoming-1343646-149.html

Sunshine Press – http://sunshinepressbooks.com/shop/a-long-time-coming-by-heather-van-fleet/

Amazon  –  http://www.amazon.com/Long-Time-Coming-Perfect-Timing-ebook/dp/B00GLRP89E/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1384206327&sr=8-4&keywords=Heather+van+fleet

Barnes & Noble  –  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-long-time-coming-heather-van-fleet/1117368951?ean=2940149087785

Book Trailer link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQKcgfuqZVU

Excerpt :

She spun around, nibbling on her lip, grabbing both of his hands as she pulled him slowly along with her. Her eyes were so focused and shiny that he barely remembered his own name, let alone what he was about to say.

“No crutches, David.”

They made it to the edge of the floor, just as the tempo of the music slowed, to that of a seductive, rhythmic beat. She pulled his hands towards her, and he took that non–verbal command, wrapping his arms around her waist. His fingers knew just what to do, settling into the curves of her body right above her perfect ass. Those damn traitorous body parts had a mind of their own.

“I won’t let you fall…” she whispered in his ear, running her fingers through the back of his hair like a vixen who he wanted to steal away forever, only, though, so he could lock her up with him in the backseat of her car again.

Shit …it wasn’t the fear of falling that worried him. Oh no…it was the fear of never wanting to let her go again.

Top ten things you don’t know about me:

1. Cotton or Silk?

Cotton… I feel all sorts of old saying that J

2.  Champagne/beer/wine?

Champagne, especially with OJ. HUGE mimosa fan here.

3.  Plotter/pantser

Panster, no doubt on that one.

4.  Describe your workspace

I work all over. The couch, my bed, my kitchen table lately. Starbucks is also a big work area for me as well. I’m a diverse like that. My entire last novel was written at my kitchen table. But as long as I have a straw to chew on (yes, you read that right, a straw) then I can write just about anywhere anymore. Which is a relief because I used to only be able to write at SB’s.

5.  Sports fan or just tolerate it?

Depends on the sport. Football is about the only thing I’ll watch. Everything else kind of puts me to sleep.

6.  Who is your biggest influence on writing?

Hmm, such a tough question. I look up to a lot of people when it comes to my writing. Some I talk to on a daily basis, some I fan girl over at conventions and such. Jennifer Armentrout, Karen Y. Bynum, Kelly Gendron are probably my three of my biggest influences in the writing world right now.

7.  Favorite food –

Oh I have way too many to count, so I’m cheating and saying several. Spaghetti, cheese Danishes from Starbucks, pizza, and steak salads from Chipotle. I take my food very serious. J

8.  When did you start writing?

I started about three years ago after my youngest was born. Haven’t stopped since.

9.  If money were no object, where would you like to live?

Probably in the same town I do now, just in a bigger house. Unless of course I could take my entire extended family with me. If that was the case, I’d probably say Hawaii. J
10.  What’s next for you?

Writing wise, I’m kind of in between projects right now. I just finished up a young adult contemporary and am currently on an agent hunt for it. I’m doing Twitter contests and such, taking my time until I can figure out where I go next.

In the fall of 2014 I’ll have another new adult book released—entitled Finding Her Way Back—with the fabulous publishing house, Swoon Romance. I’m also hoping to have the last book in my paranormal trilogy finished up come January…but we shall see. J

About the Author:Heather Powell Author Pic

Midwestern native Heather Van Fleet lives in a small town on the Iowa/Illinois border. She’s a wife to her hubby–and high school sweet heart–Chris, as well as a mom to her three little girls, Kelsey, Emma and Bella. When she’s not obsessing over her fictional book characters, cooking dinner, or running around chasing her crazy kiddos, you can usually find her with her head stuck in her Kindle, sucking down White Chocolate Mochas like they’re water.

Author Links:

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18365239-a-long-time-coming

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorheatherpowell

Twitter @HLVanFleet

Website: www.heathervanfleet.com

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