Which Exit Angel? by Chris Redding – Review/Excerpt/Giveaway

Which Exit Angel? by Chris Redding – Review/Excerpt/Giveaway

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Which Exit Angel

by Chris Redding




Angela Sky isn’t an angel without her wings. Sunny Beach is a minister questioning his faith. What chance does the world have to survive if these two have to join together and stop the Apocalypse?


 Excerpt Two:

He shifted in the booth to sit sideways, his legs on the seat.  A casual posture for someone who’d seen a dead body recently. Then he tapped his fingers on the table. His foot patted the back of the seat to the same rhythm.

“I need to ask you a few questions, Mr. Beach.”

“Reverend, actually, but everyone calls me Sandy.”

His smile made his eyes twinkle. A charmer, she was sure but that hadn’t worked on her in a few hundred years. Still it wasn’t hard to look at him. “Reverend then. What brought you down to a not-so-nice part of town late on Saturday?’

He turned to face her, his feet plopping onto the floor. “I work with the homeless.”

“I didn’t see any around.”

He shook his head. “You don’t when there are cops are nearby.”

“Is there a large homeless population in Sea Witch?” She choked on the town’s name.

He pulled two napkins out of the dispenser. “Not huge, but enough. They are more likely to get handouts from people on vacation so they gravitate down the Shore in the summer.”

She tapped keys on her phone to take down what he was saying. “What exactly do you do for the homeless?”

“I give them food. When it’s cold I give them blankets and try to convince them to go to the shelter in the next town,” Sandy explained.

His gaze had never wavered from hers as if he could see straight into her soul. She broke the connection by looking down at her notes. His gaze lasered through her making her squirm in her seat. She’d bet that stare had converted many a sinner.


Ooooo, I was so excited when Harlie gave me this book to read.  I’m a huge sucker for angels in a story.  What I got was a lot more than that.  There is a touch of spiritual, lots of God-like humor, one sexy minister surfer dude and an angel investigator that can’t figure out if she likes Heaven or Earth better.  I mean, she can smoke (she does), eat and sleep on Earth.  In Heaven, she can’t do all of those things.  Plus, there is the problem with the fight that she and her lover had before she left.

OMG, I was rolling in certain parts of this book.  When Angela talks to Gabriel…again, rolling on the floor.  Gabriel’s social skills are lacking somewhat and when they start talking, Angela keeps hanging up on him.  I will say that in the beginning, I thought this book would be an inspirational read but in the end it was just a good old-fashioned story with an angel in it.  Let’s not forget that there is a suspense element woven in and it was top-notch. I had NO clue what was going to happen and the main villain was a shock.  Great job, Ms. Redding.

The play on character names was good, too.  Sandy Beach, Bunny Angel, Angela Sky…the list goes on.  Plus, there is a lot of ogling between Angela and Sandy but it is never consummated in the story which I actually liked.  I know, I’m weird but I don’t feel like it needed to be in the story.  The plot, characters and the who dunnit were enough for me.  Plus, the last climatic scene and ending were perfect.  Again, didn’t know how this book was going to end and it surprised me.

I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone.  There is humor, suspense and an angel worth rooting for.  Plus, come on…Sandy Beach as a character name.  🙂



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Chris Redding lives in New Jersey with her one husband, two kids, one dog, and three rabbits. When she isn’t writing she’s chauffeuring her two boys to activities and working per diem in her local hospital.




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