Harlequin Heartwarming Tour featuring Karen Rock’s Thankful for You w/a rafflecopter giveaway! #Free Reads @karenrock5

Harlequin Heartwarming Tour featuring Karen Rock’s Thankful for You w/a rafflecopter giveaway! #Free Reads @karenrock5

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Thankful for You by Karen Rock


Way back when, Hunter Boone thought he and Josie Stephens had something that would last forever. Then she got her ticket out of town and took off—alone. The hurt nearly tore him apart. By the time Josie realized she’d made a mistake, Hunter had already married.

Now Josie’s back in Stonewall Crossing, and while instant fire flares between them, she can’t come between the now single dad and his son. As the whole town gets ready for Christmas, Josie finds it hard to avoid Hunter. No matter how much he tempts her with the promise of a future together, she has to tell herself—for her own survival—that relationships just aren’t her thing…

Maggie James has worked hard to get over her commitment phobic ex, Lt. Eric Langley. Yet old feelings resurface when they’re reunited to put on a Thanksgiving dinner for foster children displaced by their group home’s fire. She still loves Eric, but she’d grown up vowing to have the traditional, nuclear family her loving parents provided and won’t accept anything less. This time around, does she dare give them a second chance?

After watching his vibrant mother retreat from life following his firefighter father’s tragic death, Lt. Eric Langley vowed never to inflict that pain on anyone, especially Maggie. When she’d begun talking kids, marriage, it’d nearly killed him to break things off. But how could he take the risks his job required, if he worried about a family counting on his safety? Although he’d shut away his pain when he and Maggie had broken up, his old feelings rush back after one glimpse of her beautiful face. He should want to avoid her, but feels thankful for this time together instead. Is it possible some surprising wisdom from the children he saved, could rescue him, too?

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Thankful for You: Excerpt


Eric Langley shoved through the dense smoke of a disintegrating foster home, his breath harsh inside his helmet. Two children still missing.

Where were they?

A flaming section of ceiling crashed to his left and he ducked, his pulse throbbing in his neck. He ignored his screeching headset and the blistering, acrid air.

Dean, a newbie in Eric’s fire company, jerked his thumb over his shoulder. “Back out!”

“No. We’ll find them!” Eric hollered.

“Chief’s pulling the hook!” Dean nodded at the retreating pipemen who hauled the line.

“I’m making the grab.”

Eric ignored Dean’s shout and sprinted upstairs. The metal banister twisted beneath his gloved hand. Taking the steps two at a time, his air tank thudded against his back, solid and reassuring. How much did he have left?

As if on cue, his SCBA shrieked. Eric swore. 20% oxygen and his world engulfed in smoke and flames. He silenced the pinging alarm and leapt off the crumbling staircase onto the second floor.

No going back now.

Grey ash swirled and visibility lurked near zero. A door bulged to his right. Electricity jittered through him. Just as he dove past, it exploded into the hall, an incinerating fireball.

He shoved to his feet, running. “Taylor! Hannah!” he hollered above the fire’s roar, using the names a hysterical staff member had shared. He squinted down the hallway. Marked doorways swam into focus. What had they missed?

Then Eric spotted it.

A half door above the baseboard, nearly obscured by the large sideboard rising above it.

A crawl space? Could a kid fit in there?

A desperate one?

Heck, yeah.

Adrenalin surged. Scraping his ax against the wall to keep his bearings, he stumbled to a halt beside the set of drawers. His brain listed inside his skull, spots appeared on the edge of his vision. Grabbing the spindle legs, he squatted and peered at the small door.

“Hannah! Taylor!” he shouted.

“Here,” was followed by a faint gasp.

“I’m Lt. Langley. I’m going to save you.”

Crying erupted and he swallowed hard, his throat burning.

Wrenching open the door, he groped through the dark and touched a small hand. A pair of green eyes blinked up at him. A girl. Ten or so. “Don’t be scared, Hannah.”

“I’m not scared,” she said, nodding over her shoulder. “Taylor’s the one who’s crying.”

Eric bowed his head. Relieved. “You’re together. Good. Now listen. When I pull you out, cover your nose with your shirt and stay close until I grab Taylor, too.”

“I won’t leave him,” came her furious voice. “Why do you think I’m still here?”

Fair enough. Brave girl.

Beams whined overhead and plunged. One careened into the opposite wall in a shower of sparks. Eric doggedly kept his focus. They would make it out. Alive.

When he reached for Hannah’s hands, she jerked back. “NO! Get Taylor first.”

A small boy appeared, his eyes wide with fright.


At his name, the boy nodded and his mouth trembled. Tears streaked his grimy cheeks.

“Give me your hands, bud.”

Eric gently freed the pre-school aged child. Hannah joined them, coughing.

Eric considered his options. Any of the rooms had windows, but what condition were they in? They might enter and never come out.

As for the staircase, there wasn’t a chance it still stood.

Come on, think.




Karen Rock is an award-winning YA and adult contemporary author. She holds a master’s degree in English and worked as an ELA instructor before becoming a full-time author. Most recently, her Harlequin Heartwarming novels have won the 2015 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award and the 2015 Booksellers Best Award. When she’s not writing, Karen loves scouring estate sales, cooking and hiking. She lives in the Adirondack Mountain region with her husband, daughter and Cavalier King Charles spaniels.

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Falling for Her Boss-Review

Falling for Her Boss-Review


A former ice figure skater, Francie Piccard must make a decision. Should she resume her training with the partner who betrayed her and try for a gold medal? Or should she stay on as manager of the Roller Fun roller skating rink and try to convince her new boss and owner, Noah Gordon, not to sell it?

Persuading Noah to stay in Gettysburg until Valentine’s Day isn’t as difficult as Francie expects. But is he staying because of the rink, her family’s hospitality, or the attraction between them? Should Francie hold onto an old dream or chase a new one?
Originally published as Because Of Francie.


Let me just say, I got this book for free from Amazon awhile back and last night I was looking for a sweet, fun read. I was not disappointed. I have read Karen Rose Smith’s Harlequin’s in the past and enjoyed them. Karen writes sweet, sexy stories that will always leave a smile on your face.

Francie is a former figure skater that is now the manager of the local roller skating rink. She has always dealt with the other partner so when the other owner shows up at her doorstep she is at a loss. No one has a right to be that good looking or sexy. After being invited in for dinner by Francie’s family, Noah wasn’t ready for the feelings of loneliness that come forth. Also, Francie wasn’t ready for Noah to tell her the purpose of his trip. Crushed by Noah’s decision to sell the rink, she comes up with a plan to make Noah see that the rink is not only making money but important to the community as a whole.

Again, I can not get over how I liked this book. Francie is a determined woman to show just how much the rink means, not just to her but to the community. She also approached by her old skating partner to skate again and qualify for the Olympics. She has very mixed feelings about skating again. She loves to skate but can she trust the partner that betrayed her not only as a skating partner but also as a lover. Noah is a complete enigma. Once minute is hot with her and then he turns cold. Throw in that her younger sister is resentful towards her and Francie can’t decide which way she is going.

Noah comes to town to tell the manager that he is selling the rink. He didn’t expect to find one sexy, determined women that stirs true feelings for a love that could be everlasting. I loved Noah even though he was older than Francie. In some ways, he had more decisions to make than Francie did. Did he sell the rink or leave it? What was the “real” reason he wanted to sell it? What was he going to do with Francie once he left? He had never felt love like this before and didn’t think that he was really worthy of it. Love, family and stability in his life were things that were foreigner to him.

I would recommend Falling For Her Boss for anyone that wants a feel good, sexy read about two people that have some hard decisions to make in their separate lives and how it affects their relationship. I look forward to going back and reading more of Karen Rose Smith’s updated backlist.


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