Storms and why I hate them

Storms and why I hate them

Sorry this post won’t be that stimulating…okay the picture is but the post won’t be. I’m terrified of storms. Whew…feel better already. You would think that a grown woman would get over her childhood fear but nope, not me. As the storms rolled into the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I prayed that they would miss me. Sadly, they didn’t. My area south of Dallas didn’t get the tornadoes but we got the lighting, thunder and wind. As most of y’all know, I’m home alone this week. Its the kiddo’s spring break so he and hubs went to see the in-laws on the Texas coast. Before you ask why I’m not with them, its called vacation time and that’s something that I don’t have at work. I have 5 freaking days off a year. Yep, that’s all… I I type, my windows are still rattling from the thunder miles and miles away. *shivers*

Anyway…when I was an infant a terrible storm rolled into my little town in Oklahoma where we were living at the time and unwittingly, my grandmother woke me from my nap and at that very instance a loud clap of thunder and then bright lighting filled my room. My grandmother and parents were convinced that the event scared me and thus my fear of storms. I’ve been in tornadoes before as a child. Trust me, when you are visiting all of your relatives in Oklahoma you figure out where to hide in a storm. Plus, my other grandmother had a storm cellar. I know that my story doesn’t sound rational but it is. BTW, I’ve been told that I’m part witch because of my instincts and other “country” abilities. My uncle’s wives have always said that my mom, her sister and daughter and I are part witch. Longer story for another time. 🙂

I will admit that I finally stopped slipping into bed with my parents when it stormed until I was pre-teen. When we moved into a two-story house they made the small bedroom, my second bedroom. Yep, I had two bedrooms. One for when it stormed and then my main bedroom. When I lived alone, I would sleep on the couch when it stormed. I couldn’t fall asleep in my bedroom. Sad, I know. Of course, I’ve been with hubs since 1999, so I don’t worry about it as much. Now that he isn’t here, I really don’t want to sleep in our room. I need someone to cuddle and make me feel safe. I guess Chase (the picture) will have to do.

Love y’all!

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