Decadent Publishing A buck a book featuring The One He Chose by Wendy Burke – R-Excerpt/Interview/Giveaway

Decadent Publishing A buck a book featuring The One He Chose by Wendy Burke – R-Excerpt/Interview/Giveaway

When not playing with the people in her head, Wendy has a silly life working in TV and radio. She shares her clean, yet perpetually dusty hovel with her her way-too-cute chef husband and two furry feline kids. She’s proud to be a displaced Cheesehead, now living in Cpl. Maxwell Klinger’s hometown. 

Find her on Facebook, Twitter (@WendyBurke1994) or send her a nasty email ( to which she will promptly respond!

The four books above are available through Decadent Publishing and all reputable e-book distributors. Her fifth book, ‘For Me,’ another 1NightStand story through Decadent Publishing is due out this fall.

wendy burke covers

Top ten things you don’t know about me:

1.  Cotton or Silk?

Depends if I’m wearing them or someone else is!

2.  Champagne/beer/wine?

Like’em all, but I’ll take an uber-frosty Spotted Cow from New Glarus Brewing anyday! Oooo, where is that?

3.  Plotter/pantser?

Shouting it from the rooftops! —PANSTERS RULE!

4.  Describe your workspace

Leather couch, feet up on coffee table, cats interfering with typing and huz yelling at the manager of the Detroit Tigers.  Harlie writes with Cartoon Network on.  She hates Spongebob to this day.  LOL!

5.  Sports fan or just tolerate it?

Fan. Spent a couple of years seeing Tigers/Astros/Padres catch, Brad Ausmus anywhere nearby. (Stop…I am not a stalker, I’m a ‘patron.’)  Pink here…sure, you go right ahead and believe that.  LOL!  I watched that backside when he was with the Astros, too.  *sigh*  I’m sure you have seen him without his shirt on, right?  *fans self*

6.  Who is your biggest influence on writing?

Tough one – it’s a tie between James Rollins and Brad Thor.  I love their continuing characters and clear action.

7.  Favorite food –

Skordalia from the Pegasus in Detroit’s Greektown, before the casinos were there!
8.  When did you start writing?

In the womb…no seems that way. I’ve been in media all my life…so…

9.  If money were no object, where would you like to live?

Another tough one…but probably somewhere where the nearest neighbor was at least five miles away. Or St. Andrew’s Scotland.  Ah, Scotland.  On the bucketlist…Would love to play the course, too.  Yes, I play golf.  Don’t laugh.
10.  What’s next for you?

Currently waiting for the edits for my next 1NightStand story, For Me, due from Decadent Publishing this fall and fending off the people in my head with at least a dozen works in progress!



A year after losing her beloved husband, Grace Witzler learns he left a special surprise for her. A fabulous getaway in the beautiful Canadian Rockies that includes a date with a mystery man arranged through Madame Eve’s 1NightStand dating service. She’s shocked and intrigued…what was Ben thinking?

Grace’s date is charming, handsome and about to find out whether the woman of his dreams will return his affection. He’s waited forever, but he’s reading to risk it all on a 1NightStand.



“Grace.” The deep voice worked its way into her consciousness.

She sighed in her haziness and clutched the imaginary hand resting on her tummy. Whoever or whatever held her carried a familiar scent, one that elicited trust and caring.

Out on the porch, the mountain air had chilled. Despite the comfort of the presence around her, her body responded with a shiver.

A hand slipped into the lace triangle of her thong, caressing the area between navel and Nirvana.

Definitely not a dream.

She blinked, slowly coming to life. The frightened tone of her inquiry shocked even her “Who are you?”

Relax.” His lips lovingly met her shoulder. “Ben sent me.”

He didn’t seem to have any malicious intent—well, at least not at the moment. And Madame Eve wouldn’t allow something hurtful to happen.

“What do you…?” The hand cupped her waxed-for-the-occasion pubic area. His callused digits followed a natural path. It’d been so long since someone had touched her in this manner, nearly two years. She didn’t blame Ben for the extended dry spell, only the disease which had dampened his interest and stamina.

“I want you to relax and let me make love to you. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

So, this is how this Madame Eve stuff works.

With little thought, she relented to her physical loneliness. She closed her eyes and shoved the lace below her hips. The stranger assisted until her legs were completely bare. “Yes, please.”

He was strong, agile, and wonderfully gentle.

A warm, sincere, somewhat familiar voice tickled her ear. “Grace.”

She leaned into him, wanting to sigh in happy relief and cry in terrible sadness. His arms about her, she slowly turned into his embrace. She closed her eyes, waiting for the initial kiss.

Then, it came, gentle yet deep and although he was a stranger, she felt a profound connection, a silent conversation. She raised her hand to touch his cheek in encouragement. Blinking in the darkness, desperately wanting to see her soon-to-be lover, her eyes finally focused and the world came to an abrupt halt.


He He!  I got to read a “naughty” book.  Only Harlie doesn’t know that I read it off her Kindle.  Don’t tell.  OMG, know I know why Harlie raves about this series.  They are short, hawt and emotional stories that have me totally hooked now.  When I was signed up for the hop, I had no idea what author I was gonna get to spotlight and I’m super excited it was Ms. Burke.  She writes a highly emotional story that captured me from the start.

I’ve heard of dying spouses that try to fix up their respective spouses in situations like this and I’m not sure what I think about it all.  Ms. Burke makes sense of it all with her wonderful tale of Grace, Ben and Jake.  Jake has been in love with Grace since forever and was there for her when Ben got sick and passed away.  She never looked at Jake as anything as more than a friend, someone that helped her through the hard times and that special someone that made her laugh in her darkest time of her life.

Getting an invitation from Madame Eve for a week a way near the place that Grace and Ben had their honeymoon is bitter sweet.  Deciding why not, she packed her bags and went.  Ben thought of everything for her, just like he always did.  *sigh*  The IM messages between Grace and Madame Eve were funny.  Grace was a strong heroine for me and I can not even fathom what she went through with the death of her husband but I could understand the “why” she was skeptical on the whole idea that her husband had picked her “date” for the week.

I’m not sure what else to say except that I loved Ben, Grace and Jake.  Ben was a dream from beyond the grave.  He paid attention to his wife’s every want and need when he was with her.  Jake was the guy next door that waited and hid his true feelings from the only woman that he loved.  Grace didn’t know what to think at first but once she discovered that her “date” was Jake…the conversations between them were emotional, heartfelt and honest.  I truly felt connected with them even though the story was short.  🙂

Now that I’m completely hooked on the whole Madame Eve/1NS, I will be sneaking more of them off of Harlie’s Kindle.  Oh wait…I can just buy them on my own.  :p




—FB: Wendy Burke Author

—Twitter: @WendyBurke1994












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Saving Casy by Liza O’Connor – Kitty Interview (Seriously, I’m not making it up) and ….

Saving Casy by Liza O’Connor – Kitty Interview (Seriously, I’m not making it up) and ….


Maniac thinks she has a name for me.  I’m not so sure.  You decide in the comments.

Welcome to Love, Laughter, Friendship or Harlie’s Little Sister’s Blog

Maniac Marketing kitten: * stares about from her cup perch*

That’s one giant bicycle.

HLS: That’s a motorcycle.

MM: Can I have it?


MM: Why not? Liza gave me her cup. Why won’t you give me the motorcycle?

HLS: From what I hear, Liza gave you that cup after she realized you’d pissed and pooped inside it.

MM: Oh…That’s not a problem.

HLS: Hold on! Don’t you take another step toward my Harley.

MM: I just want to sit upon it.

HLS: Yeah right. Leave my Harley alone.

MM: But I really need it. A brilliant marketing idea just popped into my head. I can use the bike to pull a giant banner all over America.

Harley SC ad

HLS: You do realize that pulling a banner that size by a motorcycle would not be possible, right?

MM: Why? Is your bike wimpy?

HLS: Never, ever, say that to a Harley rider…that is if you want to live long enough to become a cat.

MM: *frowns* Are you threatening me? I have PETA on speed dial you know.

HLS: No threats. I’m just trying to keep you from losing your head. Harley drivers do not take insults to their bikes well. What you need is a blimp.

MM: I have one. I bought it online. I thought if I could attach Jess to a blimp, then she could walk herself so Liza would have more time to write. Only it turned out to be a bit too much for a thirty pound dog to lead about.

HLS: Oh dear, is Jess okay?

MM: She’s developed a fear of blimps.

HLS: I can imagine.

MM: I’ll just texted the blimpie guy. He says his blimp is not a wimp. It can pull the banner. *smiles* Look he sent me a picture.

Blimp pulling banner

HLS: Holy Cow! You’ve got a real blimp. That must have cost you a fortune!

MM: *shrugs adorably* I don’t have to pay for stuff. Humans never ask kittens for money. That’s just silly.

HLS: So who bought this?

MM: I may have given them an address in Homosassa Springs, Florida, Hopefully they’ll give up collecting the bill after the gators in the swamp eat a few bill collectors.

HLS: Manic, you didn’t send them after a winner of Saving Casey’s tats did you?

MM: Clever, huh? She’ll answer the door with those tats on her face, looking just like the face on the blimp.  Thus, they won’t believe her when she insists the blimp isn’t hers.

HLS: Does Liza know about this?

MM: This is MY job. Liza is better off not knowing. She get’s grumpy when she gets too deep into the details of my brilliant marketing ideas.

HLS: Maniac, this is serious. Bill collectors are horrible people. They will make this woman’s life hell.

MM: Not after the gators eat them.

HLS: You have to cancel the purchase of the blimp.

MM: Okay. Oh I thought of a name for you.

HLS: A shiver just ran down my spine…

MM: Are you sickly? Because you can’t have this name if you are.

HLS: I’m not sickly.

MM: Okay, upon looking over your websites I think your name should be


HLS:  Why?

MM: Because it’s you favorite color.

HLS: How would you know that?

MM: Let’s ask your followers. Why do you think that I think pink is HLS’ fav color? First to answer correctly get’s her motorcycle.

HLS: No, they don’t.

MM: Never mind then! Have you seen the Saving Casey trailer? It does a great job explaining Liza’s book.


HLS: Wow, that’s really good. Did you do this?

MM: No. Danielle Fine/Definition did it. But I like it all the same. Once you watch it. You want to buy the book, so here are the buy links:



Bono Books     Amazon    Barnes&Noble





Liza’s Blog and Website   Facebook   Twitter

HLS: Liza, thank you for sending Maniac over. She’s a handful, but a delight to interview. However, you really need to check on the winner of your tats.

MM: No you don’t. Everything will work out. Gators are reliable problem solvers.

Unforgiving Ghosts by Candy Ann Little – Blog Barrage w/ Giveaway

Unforgiving Ghosts by Candy Ann Little – Blog Barrage w/ Giveaway



Giveaway Info:  Prize is 10 eBook copies of UNFORGIVING GHOSTS (1 each to 10 winners). Contest is tour-wide and open internationally. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter. Ends Dec 25.  Rafflecopter Link is at the bottom of the post.  Good luck.



Unforgiving Ghosts

by Candy-Ann Little

Published September 14, 2012 by Kingdom Kastle Publishing

Contemporary Inspirational Romance

Heat Level: Sensual

Word Count: 100,000

Available at:

Amazon –

Smashwords –

iTunes –


As Megan Black tries to outrun the memories of her past, she soon learns that you can’t run away from trouble. Can she find peace in God and faith to choose the right path? Or will chasing ghosts cause an unforgiving heart that only leads to destruction?

Excerpt #2:

The roar of the ocean called like a lullaby. With anticipation building, her feet traveled faster and faster until she broke into a trot, then a run, then a sprint. She followed the intriguing sound, and moments later stood face to face with the magnificent Pacific Ocean.

The blue-green water extended out as far as she could see, and the bright blue sky stretched over the ocean like a blanket. The setting sun looked like a giant orange ball that could be tossed on the white caps of the waves. Megan’s eyes widened in amazement at the spectacular sight. The view was more breathtaking than any picture she’d ever seen. Closing her eyes she inhaled the salty mist that stung her face, while a cool breeze played with her hair.

Absorbing the sights and sounds for several minutes, Megan felt transported a world away from the monotonous farm fields of Illinois. The waves lapping against the shore beckoned like an invitation. Slipping her shoes off , she tentatively walked to the edge of the shore, she squealed as the cold water washed over her bare feet. As the tide receded, a strange sucking sensation tickled her feet. Feeling as carefree as a child she ran along the shore jumping over each wave that crashed on the beach.

Breathless and exhausted, she found a soft spot to sit and rest while watching the sunset. Burrowing her numb toes into the faintly warm sand, she watched as the bright ball aligned itself on the horizon where the water and sky met.

For the first time Megan observed the presence of other people and felt a little embarrassed as she wondered if anyone had noticed her hopping and skipping along the shore.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” A voice interrupted her thoughts, disturbing her.

“Yes, it is.” A tall, thin man, clad in jeans and a blue polo shirt towered over her. She looked around to see where this handsome stranger had come from, and spotted a small group a little ways down the beach. They were lying on blankets, with rock and roll music blaring from an iPod and speakers. “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful,” she added.

“I have.” His brown eyes admired the child-like image she presented. The setting sun cast an amber glow that made her look angelic.


“You.” He sat down next to her.

“Do you get a lot of women with that line?”

He shrugged. “A few.”

Megan looked skeptical. “You can’t come up with something more original?”

“That is original.”

“Oh, and next you’ll be asking me if I come here often.”

His thick, blond brows shot up in amusement. Not only beautiful, she has fire too. “Well, do you?”

“No, this is my first time at the beach.” His intense stare made her feel uneasy, so she turned her attention back to the sunset.

“I’d say it’s my first time too, but I’ve lived here my whole life.” Looking at the blazing display he sighed, “This is my favorite spot in the whole world.”

“I can see why.”

He studied her pointed profile for a few minutes, and finally asked, “So what’s a lovely girl like you doing in a place like this?” His laughter echoed off the ocean.

“Watching the sunset.” The indifference in her tone strongly contrasted the way his boyish smile made her melt. She desperately tried not to be taken in by his charm. However, it had been a long time since anyone looked at her like that.

“Can I buy you dinner?” He decided to take the direct approach.

Megan studied the stranger with sun kissed blond hair and bright brown eyes. It would be nice to make a friend, she thought. But, the last thing she needed was another complication in her life. “No, thank you.”

A gust of wind whipped some tendrils of hair lose. Without hesitation, he gently tucked them behind her ear, reluctantly pulling his hand away from the soft, silky strands.

A shiver tingled down her back. From his touch or the wind? She couldn’t tell, and couldn’t give in to this attraction. “Before we get to the cliché ‘your place or mine’, I should be going.” She stood, brushing off the sand.

He jumped up, trying to think of something to alleviate her apprehension. “Can I at least buy you a drink?”

“No, thank you.” Megan almost felt tempted to give in. “I’ve had a long day and I’m really tired.”

“You wouldn’t have to go far. We have a cooler right over there.” He pointed to the group she’d spotted earlier.

“I don’t drink, anyway.”

“We have sodas.”

“You’re persistent, aren’t you?”

“Persistence is my middle name.” He flashed a brazen smile. His perfectly straight teeth gleaming against tanned skin.

“And ‘no’ is mine.”

His smile faded but he couldn’t give up that easily. “Oh, come on – what will one drink hurt?”

Her patience wore thin. Going out with him would be a mistake. She’d made enough of those lately. “Look, mister. I don’t want to have dinner or drinks with you. So please leave me alone.”

His brown eyes darkened. “You’re tired? Is that the best excuse you can come up with?”

She didn’t want to fight, having done enough of that in Illinois too. This stranger may be handsome but his forceful personality seemed to push all the wrong buttons. “Look, I don’t know what your problem is but……”

“My problem?” he erupted. “I don’t have a problem. You’re the one with a problem.”

“Yes…my problem is you!” Megan poked his chest. “I came to the beach to be alone. I’m not a trophy to be picked up by some shallow playboy.”

“Playboy!” He tried to sound offended, however, couldn’t deny it. He hadn’t been serious about a girl in years but resented her throwing it in his face. “Well, aren’t you Miss Conceited,” he fumed. “You’re not the only pretty girl in town. I can find any number of women waiting to go out with me. And they won’t be as frigid as you.”

“Since you seem to have a harem following you, I won’t be missed.” Picking up her shoes she stomped away.

He absently raked his hand through his wind-tousled hair, bewilderedly staring after her. No woman had ever given him such a cold shoulder. “Ice queen,” he muttered and joined his friends.

About the Author:ghosts-authorpic

Candy-Ann Little grew up in a small town in Ohio. She now resides in Michigan with her husband and two adult kids. When she’s not busy writing she enjoys helping with church activities – especially working with children – reading, cooking and baking.


Visit Candy-Ann online at:

Blog/Site –

Facebook –!/candy.little.79

Twitter –

Goodreads –

Pinterest –


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Text Appeal by Lexi Ryan – Review/Excerpt/Giveaway

Text Appeal by Lexi Ryan – Review/Excerpt/Giveaway

TextAppeal-BarrageBannerGiveaway Info:  Prize is a $25 GC for Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Contest is tour-wide and open internationally. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter. Ends Dec 15.  Link is at the bottom of the post.

Text Appeal

by Lexi Ryan


Contemporary Romance

Contains Comedic Elements

Heat Level: Steamy

Length: 245 pages

Available at*:






Also available in the iTunes store


*Please note that we will be promoting during each barrage stop the fact that “Text Appeal” will be on sale for 99 cents the week of the blog barrage (Dec 10-17).


Charlie ‘The Devil’ Singleton is the face of professional poker. Notorious for playing cards and women, Charlie’s ready to change his ways, and the surprisingly sexy texts he’s getting from Riley are making him bet everything…on her.

Riley Carter is nothing like the hotel heiresses who make the news. A girl who’s determined to run her father’s hotel empire can’t share many traits with women who fill the gossip rags. But ‘The Devil’ has a way of tempting even the best behaved girls.

When Riley discovers the naughty messages on her cell have been coming from Charlie, not her would-be fiancé, she falls into a hot affair with the last man she expected. But consorting with the notorious bad boy puts her hard-won reputation on the line. Is Charlie worth more to her than a little TEXT APPEAL?


“Text Appeal is smart, sexy, filled with great writing and memorable dialogue, and features characters you won’t easily forget.”Barnes & Noble’s LOVE ROCKS Indie Review column

“Readers will find themselves cheering for Riley and Charlie both. Lexi Ryan writes her dialogue with wit, humor, a bit of sarcasm, and throws in some wonderful chemistry!” –InD’Tale Magazine

“Ms. Ryan’s story is fun and flirty. Text Appeal won’t disappoint!”–Storm Goddess Book Reviews

Excerpt #1:

“I had a fantastic time tonight,” Chaz said, brushing a lock of hair from Riley’s face.

She leaned against the stairwell wall outside her apartment, and his dark eyes met hers. Nice eyes—warm and comforting. But her mind drifted to a different set of eyes. Icy blue and dangerous eyes.

“It was nice,” she murmured.

Stop thinking about Charlie! Maybe she was thinking about him because they had the same name: Charles. Charles Singleton and Charles Spencer—if her brain linked them, that was perfectly understandable, nothing to feel guilty about.

Chaz also looked a little like Charlie. They were both tall with dark hair and nice builds. She smiled at Chaz and gave him an appraising look. His body was good. It was…fine. But he looked about as much like Charlie as a veggie burger looked like the real, juicy thing. Sure, there were similarities, and at a quick glance one could be mistaken for the other. But the truth was, each promised an entirely different kind of experience.

“You keep looking at me like that and I won’t make it home tonight,” Chaz said with a smile.

“I’m just thinking about how much I enjoy being with you.”

He leaned in for a kiss and she tilted her chin up and opened her mouth to him.

She wished his hint that he might stay over stirred something more in her. The truth was, Chaz wasn’t a very exciting lover. He was practical and didn’t stray off course. He was…efficient.

Charlie Singleton might make a girl wonder what he would do with his mouth, but this was Chaz. Chaz was kind. Honest. The kind of man you could be proud of. The kind of man you marry and want to father your children. He was successful and stable and . . .

He put his thumb under her chin and slipped his tongue into her mouth, tasting of mineral water and juicy fruit, and Riley thought, He’s lower in cholesterol.


One question for you?  Name me a woman that doesn’t love lingerie?  Even with my well endowed self, nothing beats a good bra for every day and then the “sexy, you know you won’t wear it for long” bra and panties?  As a old boyfriend told me once when a man picks out lingerie, he drops it on the floor.  If it looks good on the floor, then they buy it.  Seriously.  Well, women buy sexy lingerie for her partner.  Yes, can it be uncomfy, itchy and pinch?  You bet, but who cares?  Its going on the floor soon anyway.  I could instantly relate to Riley in that respect.   All business during the day but take the suit off and WOW!

As a former “poker widow” many of the scenes with Charlie, I completely understood.  I know all about poker, the rules, the tournaments and yes, my husband still watches the World Poker Tour on ESPN.  Charlie came to Vegas for his one chance to win big again and there pops up Riley at the mall trying on lingerie.  Still wanting her, he can’t believe it when he finds out about her life now.  Dating a schmuck, next in line for the GM position but still a very desirable sexy woman.  He knows that he should be concentrating on the tournament but after a few texts, he can’t forget about her.

The use of texting in a book has been done before.  Also the whole misunderstanding troupe, too.  Ms. Ryan mashes them up and what happens is a layered, complex story about two people that know that real life is messy, ugly and sometimes not fair.  Change is scary and the ability to want to change is even more terrifying.  I liked that the author didn’t wrap up everything in two pages either.  Charlie and Riley had to grow within themselves and then with each other.  Seeing the changes in themselves, it filtered out to other aspects of their lives and to me, that’s excellent writing.

This is a fun, flirty, sexy story about two people that I came to care very deeply for and cheered for their HEA.  I highly recommend it.

BTW, you do not need to know the poker lingo…just saying.  🙂

About the Author:   TextAppeal-AuthorPhoto

Author of both contemporary and paranormal romance, Lexi Ryan writes smart, spunky stories that sizzle. She enjoys reading, sunshine, a good glass of wine, and rare trips to the beach with her husband and children.

Lexi lives in Indiana where she divides her time between her family, her writing, and her job as an English professor. You can find her at her website:

Visit Lexi online at:

Website –

Blog –

Facebook –

Twitter – @writerlexiryan

E-mail –

Newsletter –

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The Homeschoolers, The Ballad of Squirtina by Henry Circle – Book Blitz

The Homeschoolers, The Ballad of Squirtina by Henry Circle – Book Blitz

A Vector Comic Book Explosion Background with Stars


“Life is too big to squeeze into a weekend.” That’s what “half-heathen”  public school misfit, Christina Begoni, learns after a bout of Spanish  class diarrhea has her escaping into the arms of a holy-rolling  homeschool group. With her mustachioed, evil genius brother and cute  redneck bully in tow, Christina joins innocent homeschoolers, Sunny and  David on a hilarious and often gripping adventure on the Mississippi  River. Experience the thrill and romance of the never-ending weekend  with The Homeschoolers.


When I get back to the stand, Sunny says, “You were gone awhile. Did you get lost?”

  “I squirted myself!” I announce, quite abruptly.

“When? Just now?” Sunny asks with concern.

 David chimes in, “Oh no. You must have stopped at the tamale stand. I  could have told you that was going to happen. If you need, I’ve got some  Pepto back in the truck.”

 “Oh, no. Not right now,” I explain. “Something reminded me of a past  incident. I was getting picked on at school because back around  Christmas holidays I got really sick. The embarrassing part is that I  diarrhea squirted in my freakin’ pants, right in the classroom, in front  of everyone!” I’m hysterical with laughter. I have to admit, even though  it was the worst thing that has happened to me thus far in life, it’s  still hilarious when you hear it said aloud. Kip is still lying on the  ground, with his back turned to us, pretending to sleep, but his body is  quaking with silent laughter. Sunny and David are stone-faced.

Sunny looks especially puzzled. “I don’t see how that’s funny. You got  sick, and then your peers taunted you about it. That is not very nice.”

“That’s what I’m thinking,” David says. “It’s like someone saying, ‘Ha. Ha. You have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma’. I don’t get it.”

“Oh, no. It is funny, but bless you both for thinking otherwise,” I  say, pulling David and Sunny to my sides and kissing them both on the  cheek. I’ve shared my shameful secret, escaped the hands of my nemesis,  and have garnered two allies in Sunny and David. There’s nothing Ricky  Kelly could do to bring me down now.

Author Bio:Author Pic homeschooler

Henry Circle is a Mississippi native, a freelance writer, a sometime  hermit and a most-times loud mouth. She attended homeschool for one  glorious year.

Henry is the daughter of actor, John Turturro, a winner of the  prestigious Caldecott Medal and former Las Vegas showgirl. None of which  is true.

Author Links:

Buy Links:

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