Review of Coming Home, a Werewolf Story by Melissa Frost w/a rafflecopter giveaway! @EvernightTeen

Review of Coming Home, a Werewolf Story by Melissa Frost w/a rafflecopter giveaway! @EvernightTeen


Melissa Frost
20K, Evernight Teen Publishing
As a foster care child, Andi never stays long in one place. She doesn’t have a chance to connect with anyone—until sexy, blue-eyed Devon walks into her life.
Devon claims to have known her birth parents. He’s even got a photograph to prove it. He shows up offering her everything she could ever want—a friend, a connection to her family, and answers.
The only problem is Devon’s friendship comes with a few complications attached. There’s the fact that he’s a werewolf, and then there’s the territorial clan out to start a war with Devon’s pack. What started as a simple journey to learn about herself turns into a dangerous road trip that could get her killed.
If she can survive, Andi just might get the answers that have been plaguing her, and she might just fall in love with her new furry pal along the way.
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“I’m still not convinced.” She informed him of this in a tone that stated quite clearly
she thought him to be a liar. “You’ll have to try harder than that.”
At her skepticism, Devon gave a grin that could only be described as devilish. Climbing to his feet, he yanked the zipper down on his coat and shrugged out of it. He tossed the coat into the snow before lifting his shirt over his head. 
As if they had a mind of their own, her eyes drank in the sight of his bare chest. He was amazingly sculpted, his arm muscles bunching with every movement. His abs, which appeared rock solid, mirrored the action. He even had an interesting scar along his left shoulder that only seemed to add to his sex appeal. She cleared her throat uncomfortably, willing her body to settle down. She didn’t usually get so affected by boys.
When his hands went to his belt buckle and began unfastening it, she gave a squeak of objection. “What are you doing? Stop taking your clothes off!”
He grinned over at her. “You wanted to see a werewolf, didn’t you? I’m just obliging.”
But … but…”
He stripped out of his jeans with ease. “Werewolves aren’t freaked out by nudity, Andi. If
you remembered even the slightest bit about your history, you would know that.”
As his briefs came down, her eyes lifted hurriedly to the sky. She gazed at the clouds as if they were the most intriguing thing in the entire world. Which was a complete farce. Standing before her was the first naked boy she’d ever been in the presence of. She desperately wanted to sneak a peek, yet she was too freaked out by the idea to even lower her gaze a fraction of an inch.
“Sheesh, you’re such a human,” Devon said in complaint. “You’re such a prude that you’re about to miss all the fun.”
Andi scowled, but her gaze was still lifted skyward so she had no idea if he saw her or not. As she stood awkwardly gazing at the clouds, she realized how absolutely absurd this situation was. She was standing in the entrance to a public park. With a naked boy. In the snow.
“This is so—” Her protests broke off as an odd popping sound filled the air. She couldn’t quite place it, but it felt so familiar. It was a noise she’d heard before, but she couldn’t remember where. Her eyes lowered to Devon’s bare shoulders to find them shifting and cracking. His flesh moved in such an unnatural way, she nearly cried out in alarm. Her own hand pressing to her lips was the only thing that stopped the sound from escaping.
She watched with morbid fascination as Devon’s body repositioned and changed itself into something new. Before her very eyes, his entire being altered, and he transformed into the shape of a wolf. It took no more than a minute or two, but the time seemed to stretch on forever.
She witnessed soft puffs of cream fur appear that seemed to burst right out of his skin. His fingers elongated, the nails growing out into sharp claws. The urge to run lasted a mere second before she was stepping forward in fascination.
Her fingers outstretched toward the furry muzzle that had once been Devon’s nose. She wasn’t frightened by him in the least. How could she be? He was the wolf! The one she’d seen outside the school staring into her classroom window.
She knew instantly he’d been there for her, watching over her as he awaited their reunion. She bet he had seen it playing out quite differently. Closing her eyes, she allowed her fingers to brush over the soft fur between his ears.
The sensation of it shook her to the core. Her body remembered it, recalled it like it was yesterday. Werewolf fur. She wasn’t sure if it was his fur in particular that felt so much like home, or if it was werewolf fur in general. Either way, it startled her just how much she longed to be near him in that moment.
Her eyes snapped open, and she stumbled back, unsteady on her feet. This was far too much to absorb in one afternoon. Her mind was racing, and she didn’t even know where to begin. As a result, she simply plopped down into the snow, stunned.
 Pink here.  I know, I’m reviewing again.  Harlie’s on a break.  She’s tired and working with the kiddies again.  So the reading and reviewing for the next couple of months is my job.  Woo Hoo!  Harlie hasn’t given me a lot to do and I’ve been busy.  But hey she needs help and happy to be here for her.
As you know, Harlie doesn’t “do” shifters stories.  In fact its rare that she even reads PNR but I love it.  Especially YA PNR.  Of course I have to agree with my sister, my vampires don’t sparkle but I do love a good shifter story.  Ms. Foster hits one out of the park for me on this one.  I did, however, have to get over Andi’s sudden “of course I believe you” was a bit of a stretch for me but in the end I could understand it.  She never fit in and after being bounced around, it felt good to finally have some closure when it came to her family.
Devon was a dream for me.  He was patient with Andi in the beginning.  He helped her to understand what truly had happened to her parents and ultimately to her.  In fact, calling her human all the time was funny.  It was kinda like a pet name for her.  In the end though it was up to Andi to fully embrace who she was a child and to what she could become.
I loved this book.  In fact, I might have to bug Ms. Foster to write more about Andi and Devon.  Their story isn’t finished by a long shot.  Just a feeling.  Another reason why I loved this story is that it didn’t over load with all the pack stuff.  You got to know Andi and Devon as characters.  The politics and other stuff can come later.
A tender love story about find your mate and not realizing it.  At least from Andie’s POV.
And Harlie said that I can use them. :)

And Harlie said that I can use them. 🙂


About the Author:


Melissa Frost grew up loving young adult novels and continues to immerse herself in the current authors on the market.
In the fifth grade, she won a writing competition to work with children’s author Colleen O’Shaughnessy Mckenna, and it inspired her to write stories of her own.

She never looked back.
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Excerpt from Maiden (Tomes of the Authentic Witch #1) & Top Ten list from C.L. Marin w/a GC giveaway!

Excerpt from Maiden (Tomes of the Authentic Witch #1) & Top Ten list from C.L. Marin w/a GC giveaway!



C.L. Marin


Evernight Teen Publishing


Released March 6, 2015



Tomes of the Authentic Witch, 1


Tara secretly wished her estranged father would want her around, so when he unexpectedly contacted her, she agreed to get reacquainted. That wish turned into a nightmare. She learned that she is an Authentic Witch—the Maiden of the Moodus Coven—and the key to obliterating the black magic Haddam coven. 


Tara’s mother took her into hiding when she was small in order to keep her alive but the Haddam’s found her. Now Tara must trust the help she’s found in her three close friends, one mystifying new love, and a father she barely knows as she fights for the life of her mother using a power she doesn’t yet understand. 


And one of those trusts might cost Tara her life.


Top ten things you don’t know about me:

1.  Cotton or Silk?   Cotton please.


  1. Champagne/beer/wine? Champagne…with O.J….ON A CATAMARAN!


  1. Plotter/pantser I’m a total pantser. Even I sometimes don’t know how things are going to turn out until I get to the end of a scene.


  1. Describe your workspace. Any corner of my house that isn’t infested by a child or an animal! Seriously, though, I write with a laptop so it might be a coffee shop or it might be at my desk in my bedroom.


  1. Sports fan or just tolerate it? Sports fan. Boiler up!!


  1. Who is your biggest influence on writing? Stephenia Meyer


  1. Favorite food – Breakfast foods. Buffett style, preferably. Biscuits and gravy make everything better. Amen sister!  Gravy makes anything better!
  2. When did you start writing? Four years ago, if you don’t count my diaries.


  1. If money were no object, where would you like to live? I’d live in a nice flat in downtown Chicago. Can I cheat and say I’d have a vacation beach home in St. Petersburg, Florida, and a writing getaway cottage on Martha’s Vineyard?


  1. What’s next for you? I’m finishing book 2 of the Authentic Witch series while I make mental notes for book 3. I’m also toying with a New Adult novel I’m calling UNAUTHORIZED.



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We walked up on a small, cinderblock building. There was a plaque on the door facing us with the silhouette of a woman in a dress painted on it. Isaac turned the handle back and forth firmly. It was locked. His teeth bore down and ground together loudly.

“I just can’t catch a break today,” he whispered into the night.

Unexpectedly, and with unrealistic strength, he kicked the door in. Never before had I seen a blow delivered with such force. The hollow metal door fired open like a cannon, striking the wall behind it, discharging a deafening echo through the structure. Isaac held onto me like a treasure while he led me inside. Maybe it was the near-death experience, but I melted into his strong arms like any good damsel-in-distress would.

Isaac turned the water on, and it rushed into the basin hard, splashing droplets all over the counter. I stood like a zombie. Isaac hiked my shirtsleeves up to my forearms, trapping my bracelet in the bunched up fabric, but as he fumbled around with the dead weight of my limbs scrubbing at the dried blood stuck to them, the jewelry was knocked loose and fell to my wrist. Isaac went rigid at the sight of it but recovered fast to finish my arms before moving on to my forehead. We said nothing.

Anguish lodged in the wrinkle between his furrowed brows, now only inches from my face. Isaac wet down another wad of paper towel, and as his gentle strokes wiped across my face it brought a little life back to me. Even so, there were no romantic gazes or love-struck smiles being exchanged—only intense analysis from Isaac, and all-consuming fear from me.



About the Author:CindyMarin3

C.L. Marin was born and raised in Lafayette Indiana. As a high school student she was more interested in her extra curricular activities like marching band, show choir, and being a diver on the swimming and diving team, than homework. In fact, C.L. Marin always said if her English Literature teacher ever found out she wrote a book she might die of a heart attack.

After high school she worked as a travel agent for ten years before going back to college and becoming a dental hygienist. It wasn’t an easy task as a single mom but once C.L. Marin has focused on a goal it isn’t often it goes unattained. Once she settled into her career there was finally time to enjoy some pleasure reading. She was spellbound to a popular young adult series but found herself unable to fill the void of the characters she’d lost after finishing it. Right then C.L. Marin made herself a new goal—write the novel she could not find! She wasn’t expecting it to be as hard to do, nor as rewarding, but it is truly her passion.

C.L. Marin still works full-time as a dental hygienist while she writes in the hours she is not sleeping. She is the mother of three wildly intelligent, and extraordinarily brilliant, children, and the wife of her high school sweetheart. They have an eleven-year-old narcoleptic black lab named Murphy Lee, a seven-year-old massively obese cat named Thai, a four-year-old spastic pit bull named Molly Jean, and a one-year-old cat named Tuttle.


twitter @cindy1408




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