Review & Blog Tour of Oh Stupid Heart by Liza O’Connor w/excerpt & giveaway

Review & Blog Tour of Oh Stupid Heart by Liza O’Connor w/excerpt & giveaway

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As the final stop of the 2nd Craziest Blog Tour in the A Long Road To Love series, I’d like to review Carrie’s romantic choices so far. If you asked Carrie, she would say she’s only been around one man sufficiently to fall in love
Trent Framed

Yet I have thrown a great deal of men her way. I’ll admit, not all are winners, however, except for two, all behave marginally better than Trent, and I think two are better looking and in my opinion one would fit Carrie perfectly, if she’d only open her heart to the possibility.

Trouble is Carrie is like a train. Once you put her on a set of tracks she will run those track until a catastrophic wreck knocks her off course.

I’ve assembled a list of guys she knows well enough to compare them to Trent, so when disaster hits, I’ll be ready to offer her a better guy. Which would you choose for her?

miwc book 1 others

See what I mean. She has lots of choices, if she’d only open her eyes. And in book two she gets more choices, although I have to admit none of them are very good ones and some may be worse than Trent. Truth is, most the people she meets in Oh Stupid Heart (both male and female) worry me. They have agendas that could harm Carrie.

Okay, technically, we met Coco in book one, but in this book she’s serious trouble.
MIWC book2

Did you check out Ian’s painting? Be still my heart. I know he’s a seducer of women, but boy is he irresistible.

Jon is so nice I gave him my SkyRyders series (coming out next year) to claim as his. However, he’s married with four kids and a fun loving wife, Patty. So hopefully, nothing will go on there. I am totally against home wrecking.

Well, I think that’s all I can say about the series and Oh Stupid Heart. As you might have guessed, given all the pictures I’ve painted, I love the many characters in these books. I think you will too as long as you enter, knowing this is a LONG road to love and there are lots of life lessons Carrie must learn before seeing who she really wants to go through life with.

Who would you put her with? (You can say Trent, if you think he improves sufficiently by the end of the book.)

Oh Stupid Heart_bookcover

Oh Stupid Heart

Book Two of: A Long Road To Love

Humorous Contemporary Disaster Romance


Liza O’Connor


Carrie Hanson is in love with a different species: Trent, a pampered, uber-rich socialite who’s also her boss. Everyone keeps telling her it’s a train wreck looking to happen, but her heart wants what it wants. So despite the billion and one reasons not to, Carrie commits to this inter-species relationship. But while she’s off being trained for her new job responsibilities, a beautiful ex fiancée is working hard to get Trent back and Carrie fired.


As the train filled with lesser quality people all talking on their cell phones, the noise and cacophony of smells began to irritate Trent. If not for the pleasure of holding Carrie, he would have demanded the conductor stop the train and let them off so he could have his driver rescue them. The train barely picked up speed before it slowed down, stopped, and allowed more people on. They just kept coming and coming. His glare discouraged a few people from sitting on the other side of Carrie, but eventually an old, heavyset black woman collapsed in the seat with a sigh.

“Don’t normally get to sit,” she muttered, and released a heavy sigh of exhaustion. Her faded, crumpled, threadbare clothes looked as tired as she did.

The conductor stopped and demanded five dollars. She pulled out a coin purse and tried to pay him in quarters.

“No coins.”

The woman put a calloused hand to her forehead and shook her head. “It’s all I got.”

“Not my problem,” the conductor said.

“Take her fee out of the change you owe me,” Trent snapped. Why did the guy have to be such a jerk?

The guy clicked more paper then thrust a ticket into her coin-filled hand. Finally, he handed Trent three twenties.

“And a five,” Trent growled.

The conductor muttered softly and thrust his hand into his pocket and pulled out a five. He glared at Trent. “You’re only getting this, because of her.” He nodded at Carrie. “Otherwise, you’d pay a second service fee.” He handed Trent the bills and stormed off.

The old woman flashed Trent a weary smile, displaying brown and yellow teeth, which made him slightly nauseous.

His grandmother had always said “Never engage with the common people. Perform all charity at a distance.”

“Thank you for the ticket. They’re so expensive, especially since I got sick last month and needed medicine. I didn’t have any money left to buy a monthly ticket.”

“How much is a monthly ticket?” he asked.

“$125.00. But I don’t have it, so I’m paying ten dollars a day. And I only make sixty a night, forty once they take out taxes.”

“What do you do?”

“I clean an office building. Job starts at 8 p.m. and I have to be done by 5 a.m. with no excuses. If I don’t show, or I don’t finish, I get fired.”

He retrieved his wallet, culled two hundred, and added it to the change the conductor had returned. He passed it to the woman. “Here’s enough to buy the monthly ticket and a bit extra to put aside to buy medicine the next time you get sick.”

The woman studied the hundred dollar bills. “Are these real?”

“I assume so. I got them from the bank.”

The woman’s brow furrowed and handed them back to him, keeping the twenties and five. “I can’t afford to get arrested. I’ll lose my job.”

Never had a person refused his money before. It hurt his feelings and frustrated him. Damn it, I wanted to be charitable. Why can’t the damn woman just do her part?


As most know, I loved The Worst Week Ever.  Carrie stole my heart from the first page and she did again, Oh Stupid Heart.  Be warned though, this book is completely different from The Worst Week Ever.  Yes, there is still humor, dry wit, situations that you would think…NOT AGAIN but this one humanizes Trent more.  He tries to be charitable on the train and that backfires somewhat.  When he tries to be charitable to his friend Jon, it finally works.  Of course, he had a bit of help from Carrie and Mars, again.

Mars, Jack and Sam are back to help Carrie and Trent but my heart broke for Sam.  There is a secret that Jon shares with Trent that really through me for a loop.  😉  Great twist and explains alot of Sam’s resentment towards Trent but Sam deserves better.  He is still holding a candle for Carrie though.  In some ways, so does Mars but he views her as a somewhat savior to his own job with Trent.  Read the book and see if you agree with me.

I loved the introduction of Jon and Patty.  They are the ones that truly humanized Trent for me in this book.  I finally understood where Trent truly came from growing up and with talking to Jon, Trent realized that he could leave his former life behind and build a future with Carrie.  Plus, he’s a writer that I swear everyone had read and love except Trent.

The office situations were the best in the book for me.  Grant was a slime, Coco a complete bitch and Dan was the glue that made Carrie finally feel appreciated and  necessary when it came to her work.  Loved, loved how Carrie finally stood up for herself and got mad a Trent during a work situation too.  Of course, it broke her heart afterwards but I felt like Carrie was coming around to the fact that Trent didn’t always truly value her as an employee.  Sure, she was the glue that kept the company afloat but somehow in this book, Trent forgot about that.

This book read has fast as TWWE but it very well paced and of course, Ms. O’Connor can write dialogue with the best of them.  She makes her characters come alive on the page whether it be a word or maybe a raised eyebrow.  Plus, I still want Carrie’s house and garden.  😉

To answer Liza’s question of the right guy for Carrie…its hard to say really.  I liked Trent better in this book but I on the fence if he is truly the ONE for Carrie.  He’s about 80% there but he keeps reminding us of his track record.  I liked Joey, the cop in the first book but he was absent in this one.  If I had to pick, I would say Sam but then Carrie would be only a sloppy second for Sam and I want Sam to be truly happy in a relationship.  There is so much more to Sam that when you read this book, you will come to understand him more and more.  *sigh*

I highly suggest that read the series in order to understand all the characters and situations that Carrie and Trent go through.  Ms. O’Connor has written a brilliant tale about two different species (her words) that somehow find love but that road is long and the journey isn’t complete yet.

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A Long Road to Love

Book Two

Oh Stupid Heart


Book One

Worst Week Ever


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Oh Stupid Heart

Liza O’Connor

Author Bio:

Liza lives in Denville, NJ with her dog Jess. They hike in fabulous woods every day, rain or shine, sleet or snow. Having an adventurous nature, she learned to fly small cessnas in NJ, hang-glide in New Zealand, kayak in Pennsylvania, ski in New York, scuba dive with great white sharks in Australia, dig up dinosaur bones in Montana, sky dive in Indiana, and raft a class four river in Tasmania. She’s an avid gardener, amateur photographer, and dabbler in watercolors and graphic arts. Yet through her entire life, her first love has and always will be writing novels. She loves to create interesting characters, set them loose, and scribe what happens.



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Other Books by Liza O’Connor

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Worst Week Ever

Oh Stupid Heart

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  1. Five Harlies! Fab job Oh Stupid Heart! I’d like to thank Carrie, Trent, and Sam who captured Harley’s heart. What a great way to end my blog tour.

    Today is the last day to enter to win the $25 blog tour.
    Also, if you want a copy of the first book Worst Week Ever, then tell me in the comments you want it, and LEAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS. I have no psychic abilities whatsoever, I need a email address.

    And thank you all for following me thought my 2nd Craziiest Blog tour ever.

    Is there a third. Yes. Absolutely. Coming in mid-January..

  2. Great blog tour, Liza!! I hope Carrie and Trent finally make it! Tweeted.

  3. NancyS.Goodman says:

    Its been fun following you and your gang, Liza! I really have no idea who you will put Carrie with, but I know who will probably treat her the best. Tweeted

  4. Awesome tour, Liza. Hope you, Trent and Carrie had a blast.

  5. Congrats on a fab review.

  6. *Sigh* Such an exciting life. Liza, I mean. 😉 As for these books, I have my copies and will get to read them one day. Congrats for another cool book!

    • When you have time? Yeah I know that dream. Carrie will wait patiently, Trent…not one of his strong points. So if he wakes you up from a sound sleep demanding to be read, there’s nothing I can do. He’s not trainable as far as I concern. Lodge any complaints with Carrie.

  7. Liza, what an awesome tour. Your posts were so good! I really enjoyed them.

  8. Love the title Liza but I’ve left it to the last day of your tour to tell you. ha ha. You are not only a talented writer but artist. Well done! As for Carrie’s new beau? I’d go for Jack from Systems. I like me the nerdy steady types. (although I didn’t marry that type, thus the ensuing chaos)

    • Jack will need to get cuter in future pictures to be a leading guy. lol. You’ll just have to wait and see. But while a bit of a whiner, he has proven to be a loyal friend to Carrie.

  9. Congrats on the review, liza!

  10. Fantastic tour, Liza! Congratulations on your review and on a successful tour!

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