Review of Wanted by Annika James – Giveaway

Review of Wanted by Annika James – Giveaway

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Annika James

“When you’re a powerful witch, every guy in school wants to bite you.”


“Attacked as a young witch and left for dead, Ashlinn is deathly afraid of being bitten again. Having survived until she’s almost eighteen without donating blood to any of her vamp friends, Ashlinn figures she’ll continue to live bite-free. After her crush reveals how powerful she is, however, the Vampire Council declares she be claimed as a familiar, which requires biting. Ashlinn doesn’t want to be owned, even by hot vamp, Conor. Luckily, her best friend, Matt, volunteers for the job. She is given one week to choose her protector, and the list of willing biters keeps growing. Will she go with best friend Matt, hot vamp Conor, or someone else to protect her? Will she be able to get her power under control by then? Will she overcome her phobia of being bitten? And who says she needs to be protected, anyhow?”


I could tell he was still looking down at me. His hand rested on the shelf next to my head and his other hand came up on the other side, trapping me between his arms. I looked up shyly. How many times had I pictured being alone with Conor? It was like a dream, and I was frozen, unsure of what to do, unsure of what he wanted from me. What was he playing at?

He leaned toward me, holding my gaze with his. I forgot how to breathe, how to think. Then his lips touched mine, electricity exploding up and down my body.  Soft and gentle, they probed, tasting, testing. I didn’t move to touch him, just remained frozen. There was only the kiss. His mouth moved to my jaw, kissing his way down to my neck. His teeth grazed my skin.

I unfroze and found my voice. “No!” I felt a surge of power push through me.  Conor flew backward across the room. He crashed into a bookcase, sending an avalanche of books over him as he fell to the floor. He slumped there, holding his head, dazed. He looked up in confusion, mouth opened ready to speak. At that moment, my muscles remembered how to move and I ran for the door. It opened in front of me, not of my power, and Matt appeared. He’d probably felt my surge of power. I hadn’t meant to throw Conor.   Panic had overtaken me and I had lost control for an instant.

I flew into Matt’s arms and he embraced me. Matt was my rock. His presence calmed me, it always did. He was like a protective big brother. I knew he understood the whole scene in the seconds before I’d found his arms. I buried my face in the T-shirt pulled tight across his strong chest, and breathed in his scent, a mix of fabric softener and cologne. It was familiarity, it was home, and it helped to center me. I peeked out at Conor.   He stepped out of the pile of books and straightened his clothing.


OMG!  OMG!  This book rocked!  Hooked from the blurb and never let me go!  A story about a witch, vampires, blood bonding and it wasn’t too icky.  Plus, the characters weren’t boring, bland, or sparkling.  They had different personalities and they each served a purpose in Ashlinn’s story and how it concludes.  Ms. James has written an intelligent YA paranormal without all the usual angst and flip flopping back and forth between the two heroes.

Yes, there are two heroes in the book.  And no there is no so-called love triangle with kissing and stuff, so don’t be grossed out.  But there is a definite triangle with Matt, Conor and Ashlinn.  Its original and interesting how it all plays out in the end.  And no, I will not tell what happens.  You will need to read the book.  The ending was shocking but for me, it was the only way it could be resolved.  😉  Go Annika!

I know that some peeps will find the ending sorta like a cliffhanger and in a way it is but it satisfied me.  Yes, would I like to revisit these characters?  You bet because I connect with them as a group and individually.  I’ve really grown rather fond of the YA paranormal genre lately.  It’s not Twilight (Thank God) and again, Ms. James didn’t disappoint me in her debut.  From the stuff that happens at school, to the heartbreaking back story between Matt and Ashlinn, it flowed well, too.  I didn’t feel lost or had any head scratching moments.  Plus, you don’t have to worry about a roadmap to the world building.  It’s easy, breezy and fun.  Again, those last two chapters.  🙂

There are plenty of twists and turns, so pay attention.  😉  Again, the final two chapters were written brilliantly.  I honestly didn’t know how it was going to work out for Ashlinn, Matt and Conor so when I finished reading it, I did a fist pump!  I have found a brand new author to stalk.


Author’s Bio:

Annika James lives in small-town Wisconsin with her husband and two beautiful kiddos. She spends her days working to pay the bills and her nights dreaming of more fun ways to do so. Her passions include writing, reading, music and traveling with her family. She dreams of a world where vampires and powerful witches really exist, because life would be so much more interesting.

Website Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, MuseItUp, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

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  1. Thanks for the great review! So glad you enjoyed it! I am working on a 2nd one, so we’ll see what happens 🙂

    • I loved this book. Again, the last two chapters are awesome and up until that point…I didn’t know how it was going to turn out. Plus, Iiked both Matt and Conor. 🙂


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