Pink’s Personal Post

Pink’s Personal Post


Stay strong my brethren in Oklahoma.  My family is safe and our grandmother’s cellar is always the gathering place.  Nasty place but it saves lives.

To my cousins and aunt/uncle in Norman…good thing that you had a safe room at work.

I cried with Harlie last night over the children.  I hugged my nephew even harder than usual last night before I left.

If you have $5 to donate…do.  You can go without a double Hazelnut no fat, no foam latte for one day.  I know I will be…




  1. Pink ~ You may act like a punk from time to time but your heart is good. What you said! 😉

  2. Maria D. says:

    Great post! And such an easy thing to do…to give up a latte:)

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