Oxford Blood (The Cavaliers, book #1) by Georgina Derwent – Review

Oxford Blood (The Cavaliers, book #1) by Georgina Derwent – Review

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Title:Oxford Blood

Series: The Cavaliers #1

Author: Georgiana Derwent

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, New Adult, Vampire

Publisher: self-published

Format: Ebook, Paperback

Length: 304 pages

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Book Description:

A Tale of the Posh, the Privileged and the Paranormal…

The Cavaliers are the most elite society at Oxford University – rich, powerful, and beautiful. No one realises that they are no ordinary students, but a group of aristocratic vampires from the English Civil War. For four hundred years they have groomed the most promising students to run the government, police, and finance in the way the vampires wish, granting them eternal life in return for absolute obedience.

When Harriet French arrives at Oxford University from her working class northern state school, she’s prepared for a culture shock, but not to become embroiled in the Cavaliers’ scheming and bloodlust. Harriet thought she’d be busy enough juggling her demanding tutor, new friends, and the murky world of student politics. But now, she must find the rebel vampire who is killing off the members, stop the Cavaliers from orchestrating a massacre of the year’s most beautiful and successful students, and defy the Society to be with the man of her dreams.

Oxford Blood is a British, adult, paranormal romance. It’s a tale with vampires that aren’t afraid to kill and a heroine who’s not afraid of sex or her own ambition.


Pink here…first of all I want to apologize to FMB and Georginna for not reviewing  Streaming Spires.  My sister, Harlie has lost some reviewers on her site, so to keep the peace, I’m helping over there right now.  I will be reading it and posting the review later in the month once this conference called RT is over.  Not sure what the big deal is about it but Harlie is crying because she can’t go.

I just loved this book and I don’t like vampires.  Remember Twilight killed that for me?   Somehow Ms. Derwent created a world that this Texan could relate to and its set in England.  I love England and one day hope to visit.  Oxford College is on the list to visit when I get over there.  Her world building was interesting and travelling through the history of the Caveliers to the present was cool.  I love English history so it intrigued me and keep me turning the pages to find out more.  Yes, I can be a geek!

Harriet was an interesting heroine to me.  In the beginning she kinda got on my nerves but when it was revealed that her mother and step father were vamps…well, that throw everything out the window for me.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to be abandon by my mother and then years later find out that she’s a vamp?  I would need therapy and a stiff drink.  I think she did accept it a bit quickly but I’m sure in Streaming Spires the relationship will be further explained.  Plus, why the necklace?

On to the romance or triangle between Tom, George and Harriet.  I’m so loving the bad boy Tom but there is something that is too creepy about him and I can’t put my finger on it.  Dang it!  I hate that sometimes.  🙂  George and Harriet have shared the blood bond and started dating now.  I’m okay with that but I still wonder about how Tom is going to figure into their relationship further down the road.  Hmmmmm….

I was drawn into this series and I just kept reading and reading it and was sad when it ended.  I loved the ending and it set up for a great sequel in Screaming Spires.  Just need to read it now.  🙂

I highly recommend Oxford Blood is you want your vamps to make sense, throw in an interesting historical angle and a heroine that you can relate to…read Oxford Blood.  It doesn’t disappoint.  🙂


About the Author: Oxford author DSC_7364

Georgiana Derwent read History at Oxford University. Aside from the vampires, The Cavaliers Series is an exaggerated but fairly accurate portrayal of her time there. She now works in London and lives with her fiancé. He’s been very supportive throughout the writing of her books, mainly because he likes to claim that all the most attractive characters are based on him.

Georgiana fell in love with vampire novels after reading The Vampire Diaries back in 2000. At the time it was a struggle to find any similar paranormal romances, a situation that it’s fair to say seems to have been rectified in the last few years. She now loves paranormal series, fantasy novels, and modern literary works in roughly equal measure.

Ever since her teens, she wanted to write a vampire series. Ever since going to Oxford she wanted to write a book about her experiences there. During a dull few months between finishing university and starting her graduate job, she had the idea of combining the two and The Cavaliers Series was born.

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  1. Thanks for the review – I have Oxford Blood on my Kindle and just need to find the time to read it….grrr…I need 3 months off form work just to read what I want….lol

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely review and for taking part in the tour. Glad you enjoyed Oxford Blood. You should definitely visit Oxford if you ever get the chance for a trip to England!

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