Saving Casy by Liza O’Connor – Review


MM: Okay. Oh I thought of a name for you.

HLS: A shiver just ran down my spine…

MM: Are you sickly? Because you can’t have this name if you are.

HLS: I’m not sickly.

MM: Okay, upon looking over your websites I think your name should be


HLS:  Why?

MM: Because it’s you favorite color.  No, that’s Harlie’s favorite color.  She says its her signature color like Elle Woods.  Yuck!  Elle is such a priss!  Think of another color.  🙂

HLS: How would you know that?

MM: Let’s ask your followers. Why do you think that I think pink is HLS’ fav color? First to answer correctly get’s her motorcycle.

HLS: No, they don’t.  My sister will NEVER EVER part with her Harley.  We might have to bury her in it.  Of course, that would be over my brother in law’s dead body.  I don’t think my nephew would mind.  LOL!

MM: Never mind then! Have you seen the Saving Casey trailer? It does a great job explaining Liza’s book.


HLS: Wow, that’s really good. Did you do this?

MM: No. Danielle Fine/Definition did it. But I like it all the same. Once you watch it. You want to buy the book, so here are the buy links:



Bono Books     Amazon    Barnes&Noble





Liza’s Blog and Website   Facebook   Twitter


*wipes tears from my face*  I’m not really sure where to start.  When Harlie gave me this book to read, she said it should be required reading for every teenager on the planet.  She also said that about the movie “The Breakfast Club”.  That should be a the ONLY teenage movie that we should watch because the movie had a message.  I watched the movie and I spent too much time looking at Judd Nelson to even bother with the “message”.  *giggling*  I did go back and watch it again and my big sister was right.  I hate when she’s right.  I would never tell her that so mum’s the word.  *Judd Nelson is hot*  Sorry, I’ll get serious…sorta.  Harlie’s right about some things and most of the time I don’t listen to her until it’s almost too late.  This book is one of those “it’s almost too late” moments.  Let me try to explain…

I’m older than Casey and I didn’t go to prep school.  Public high school and no uniforms.  Thank goodness.  Ugh!  Nor were we Uber rich like her.  A butler, cook, maid and a driver?  Seriously?  Harlie hated driving me anywhere when we were growing up.  Jeez…now I’m driving my nephew everywhere because Harlie is just sooooo busy.  :/  Whatever…Back on task…  Some other differences are I would NEVER be Goth.  Seriously Cass?  Attention much?  No one is Goth anymore.  It’s too 5 minutes ago.  Now, the tats were interesting but Ouch on getting them removed.  I hate needles so I’ll never get a tat.  Too much pain involved.  The cover scared me enough not to read it.  When Harlie kept badgering me to read it, I watched the YouTube trailer.  Okay, that alone changed my mind about the book.  I’m too much like Harlie when it comes to covers.

Okay, okay here is my review…I cried when I started reading.  Yes, Cass’s story made me relive both of my sets of grandparents funerals.  I was very close to my grandparents and 2 out of 4 died from cancer.  I still have flashbacks from the funerals.  Now when she woke in Casey’s body, I was laughing.  The whole time she thought God was being cruel to her in the body of a Goth teenager with the WORST parents ever…she must have thought she was in hell, or worse.  I know I would have been.  As Cass began to learn about Casey, I was kinda glad that she didn’t want to know everything that she had done.  Only the really, really bad parts.  Talk about a really screwed teenager.  But you know what, I had faith that Cass would turn around Casey’s life.

This book is so much more about bullying by kids and their parents.  It’s also about having faith in yourself and believing in yourself.  Casey stopped believing after what had happened to her when she was 13.  She gave up.  She didn’t have a support system to help her out.  I think I had too much of a support system but I’m extremely grateful now that I did.  High school is a bitch and kids are cruel.  Parents are even weirder sometimes than kids these days.  It’s all about one upping little Suzie’s mom because little Suzie didn’t get the invite to a birthday party when she was four.  Think about the mom that hired a hit man to kill another cheerleader mom? wackos!

My sister was right.  This book should be required reading for any teenager out there.  Casey should have been heard and supported in her situation and it almost cost her everything that she had in the end.

The one thing about the romance in the story…I didn’t get the attraction at first with Troy.  I mean, really?  The age difference was gross but when I thought about it afterwards, it made sense.  It was Cass not Casey anymore.  This story was as much about Cass as it was about Casey.


  1. Harlie here….I swear if she would just stop and listen, my little sister life would be so much simplier. 🙂

  2. Wonderful interview and review. I tweeted.

  3. MM is too funny! Great review!

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