Saving Casy by Liza O’Connor – Kitty Interview (Seriously, I’m not making it up) and ….

Saving Casy by Liza O’Connor – Kitty Interview (Seriously, I’m not making it up) and ….


Maniac thinks she has a name for me.  I’m not so sure.  You decide in the comments.

Welcome to Love, Laughter, Friendship or Harlie’s Little Sister’s Blog

Maniac Marketing kitten: * stares about from her cup perch*

That’s one giant bicycle.

HLS: That’s a motorcycle.

MM: Can I have it?


MM: Why not? Liza gave me her cup. Why won’t you give me the motorcycle?

HLS: From what I hear, Liza gave you that cup after she realized you’d pissed and pooped inside it.

MM: Oh…That’s not a problem.

HLS: Hold on! Don’t you take another step toward my Harley.

MM: I just want to sit upon it.

HLS: Yeah right. Leave my Harley alone.

MM: But I really need it. A brilliant marketing idea just popped into my head. I can use the bike to pull a giant banner all over America.

Harley SC ad

HLS: You do realize that pulling a banner that size by a motorcycle would not be possible, right?

MM: Why? Is your bike wimpy?

HLS: Never, ever, say that to a Harley rider…that is if you want to live long enough to become a cat.

MM: *frowns* Are you threatening me? I have PETA on speed dial you know.

HLS: No threats. I’m just trying to keep you from losing your head. Harley drivers do not take insults to their bikes well. What you need is a blimp.

MM: I have one. I bought it online. I thought if I could attach Jess to a blimp, then she could walk herself so Liza would have more time to write. Only it turned out to be a bit too much for a thirty pound dog to lead about.

HLS: Oh dear, is Jess okay?

MM: She’s developed a fear of blimps.

HLS: I can imagine.

MM: I’ll just texted the blimpie guy. He says his blimp is not a wimp. It can pull the banner. *smiles* Look he sent me a picture.

Blimp pulling banner

HLS: Holy Cow! You’ve got a real blimp. That must have cost you a fortune!

MM: *shrugs adorably* I don’t have to pay for stuff. Humans never ask kittens for money. That’s just silly.

HLS: So who bought this?

MM: I may have given them an address in Homosassa Springs, Florida, Hopefully they’ll give up collecting the bill after the gators in the swamp eat a few bill collectors.

HLS: Manic, you didn’t send them after a winner of Saving Casey’s tats did you?

MM: Clever, huh? She’ll answer the door with those tats on her face, looking just like the face on the blimp.  Thus, they won’t believe her when she insists the blimp isn’t hers.

HLS: Does Liza know about this?

MM: This is MY job. Liza is better off not knowing. She get’s grumpy when she gets too deep into the details of my brilliant marketing ideas.

HLS: Maniac, this is serious. Bill collectors are horrible people. They will make this woman’s life hell.

MM: Not after the gators eat them.

HLS: You have to cancel the purchase of the blimp.

MM: Okay. Oh I thought of a name for you.

HLS: A shiver just ran down my spine…

MM: Are you sickly? Because you can’t have this name if you are.

HLS: I’m not sickly.

MM: Okay, upon looking over your websites I think your name should be


HLS:  Why?

MM: Because it’s you favorite color.

HLS: How would you know that?

MM: Let’s ask your followers. Why do you think that I think pink is HLS’ fav color? First to answer correctly get’s her motorcycle.

HLS: No, they don’t.

MM: Never mind then! Have you seen the Saving Casey trailer? It does a great job explaining Liza’s book.


HLS: Wow, that’s really good. Did you do this?

MM: No. Danielle Fine/Definition did it. But I like it all the same. Once you watch it. You want to buy the book, so here are the buy links:



Bono Books     Amazon    Barnes&Noble





Liza’s Blog and Website   Facebook   Twitter

HLS: Liza, thank you for sending Maniac over. She’s a handful, but a delight to interview. However, you really need to check on the winner of your tats.

MM: No you don’t. Everything will work out. Gators are reliable problem solvers.



  1. Thanks for having Marketing Maniac Kitten over. I thought I could get some writing done without her scampering about. However, it seems I need to check up on my wonderful tattooed followers. Oh, and a blanket apology to all Harley owners. I don’t know where she gets this bad behavior from…

  2. Lol…love the Marketing Maniac Kitten…she’s too funny and I can so see her on the back of a harley! Thanks for the fun post

  3. Jessica Subject says:

    Oh, that Maniac kitten always comes up with some interesting marketing ideas. LOL

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