What do you look for in a Review?


What do you look for in a review?
Whether you’re writing or reading one, there are certain things you always look for. What are those? What do you think are the most important elements you think the reviewer should include? What would you like see more? Less? What is the role of a review? How important is it?

I like to keep it simple. I always put the blurb first so I don’t have to recap the plot. I DO NOT HAVE SPOILERS in my reviews. Never have and never will. I can’t stand it when reviewers do that. If you completely spoil the book, what is the motivation for the reader to go out and buy the book. It hurts the author, too when it comes to sales. Think about it? I have pre-ordered books, made the mistake of reading a review of that book and it was ruined for me. To this day, I have books on my Nook that I have never read because of spoilers in reviews.

I like to keep my reviews to about 250-500 words per review. It really depends on the length of the story. I like to read about the heroine/hero and what the reviewer likes about them. Also, what they like about the couple together. If there are secondary characters, where they significant to the story or just filler? Also, did the reviewer like the writer’s style of writing. Did it have good flow? Did you feel like you were there in the scene? Did they use imagery well or did you feel apart from the scene? I will admit that I don’t like when two reviewers from a review site review the same book. I like the different opinions but I would like to see the reviews separate not in a running commentary. For this reader, it’s too distracting.

Overall, I think reviews can be good. Admittedly, I don’t rely on Goodreads and Amazon that much anymore. Lately, there as been flaming and just basic stupidity with the reviews that are being posted. Just my opinion though.

So what are your thoughts? Comments? What do you like to see in a review?


  1. I love your points! Knowing about the heroine, hero and their chemistry is what makes me decide to buy a book. I do think reviewers have one of the hardest jobs in the writing field, and my hat goes off to them! To me a good review connects a book with its potential readers.

  2. Definitely agree with you. Reviews should be a spoiler free zone where possible!

  3. I have to also agree. No spoilers in reviews. I’ve also had a ruining experience. Thanks for the post! 🙂

  4. As an author, I hope to find out that the reviewer actually read the whole book! I had one particularly bad one where the reviewer hated the heroine, who I was proud of, and blasted the book because of it…but at least she read it!
    As a reader, I agree that spoilers should be kept to a minimum, if used at all…and only with a warning! Some books have surprises that are delightful when unexpected.

  5. Nice post, Marika. To be honest, I read reviews all the time, but I’m not looking for anything in particular. I mainly am just checking out people’s overall feeling toward the book. I agree about spoilers though. I don’t really want to read those. Sort of defeats the point of me reading it after that.

  6. When I read reviews, it’s ususally when I’m iffy about an author. I look at them just to see if I can find anything out about the plot development. Spoilers don’t bother me at all, but, I agree, they should not be included, because they bother so many other people.

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