The Family is Moving

The Family is Moving

We got the official word that the husband got the job in Lindale, TX. He got a pay raise, relocation package and he gets to hire his own assistant manager. All of this is effective July 1, 2012. To say that we are excited would be an understatement. Its a new beginning for us as a family. Don’t get me wrong, Gun Barrel City, TX has been great. The school district is consistently ranked high in the state of Texas and we could not be more proud of Brian and his first years of school here. Brian’s after school care program is the best in the area, too. His summer day camp is the best.

Our church has been wonderful, too. Don’t laugh, we go every Sunday. Our new church has its own summer day camp and after school care program. Woo Hoo!

I’ll be honest though, we are a bit nervous about housing…like can we afford it on our budget? We’ve only been over there once to check it out so fingers crossed. I will be putting in my two weeks notice at work on Wednesday, too. That’s the biggest woo hoo for me at this very minute. If you have been following my trials and tribulations at my job then you know this is a great move for me. I will be able to read/review/blog but most importantly WRITE this summer. Super excited about that.

Lindale does have a celeb connection. Miranda Lambert was raised there and she has a store/winery in downtown Lindale. The school mascot are the Eagles and if you were to look at a map, Lindale is north of Tyler right off of Interstate 20 towards Louisiana.

I can not tell explain to you how excited we are about this move. Its a new beginning for us as a family and for me a chance to do what I want to do. Read/review/blog/write and be a mom!

I will try to keep everyone updated on this blog, not Harlie’s. 🙂 Thanks for coming by and celebrating with me.



  1. Congrats to you and yours!!!!!!

  2. Susan R says:


  3. naughtyd says:

    CONGRATS!!!! (DiDi from Guilty Pleasures)

  4. YAY!!! That is awesome news!! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂 Woo! HOO! Keep us posted, OK? 🙂

  5. That’s so awesome!! Contgrats!

  6. Awesome news! Glad you see the good things finally coming your way. Good luck with thee actual move.

  7. Sounds like an awesome step forward for your family! 🙂

  8. Congrats! That’s fantastic!

  9. I’m so excited for you. New adventures are always exciting.

  10. Congratulations! So happy for you. You sound thrilled!

  11. How wonderful for you and your family. Congrats.!!

  12. Woohoo!! Congrats!! I’m really happy for you.

  13. I bet this move will be the beginning of great things!

  14. yay

  15. Sheri Fredricks says:

    *gazes into her crystal ball* I see a future filled with literary contracts! A happy husband, and a son whose achievement is yet to be measured. Grins! I’m toasting to new beginnings and fabulous futures!

  16. Congrats on the new move! I always enjoyed moving and going new places…15 moves in 40 years of marriage (mostly due to the Army officer I married). It’s always great to start something new, and here’s hoping your move goes well…and you love your new community!

  17. Congratz dear! Good luck with the move and the time to write (that’s so great for you!!)
    Best Wishes :c)

  18. Sue Swift/Suz deMello says:

    Best of luck on your move!

  19. Congratulations! Wishing you and your family all the best on the movie!

  20. This is awesome news!!! Congrats!

  21. Congratulations. Moves are scary but it sounds like things are going good for you and your family.

  22. Jennifer Lowery says:

    Congrats! So happy things are working out and you will have more time to write! Yay!

  23. June M. says:

    Congrats! Hope the move goes easy. I hate moving, lol

  24. Congratulations! That’s awesome news.

  25. Teresa Rutledge says:

    Marika, back in the ’70’s my grandparents lived in Lindale, and my great-aunts lived in Whitehouse-southof Tyler. If it’s still in business, the Peapicker bookstore is a lot of fun to browse through, it’s on the south side of town, old titles as well as newer. Have fun getting used to East Texas, piney woods, azaelas, and lots of roses.

    • I will definitely have to look up the bookstore. Thanks for the tip. We love East Texas. Its pretty, clean air and great school districts. 🙂

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