Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

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• 3 winners, 1 copy of WITCHFUL THINKING by HP Mallory
• 10 winners, 1 copy of a PREVIEW from Net Galley of ABOUT LAST NIGHT by Ruthie Knox
• 10 winners, 1 copy of PREVIEW from Net Galley of DEEP AUTUMN HEAT by Elisabeth Barrett

What does the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee mean to this southern girl? For me, she is fascinating public figure. The British Royals have always been fascinated me in history books and in my lifetime. I mean, really? People still like the royals and respect them. I think part of the fascination with them was Princess Diana and now Kate. Let’s face it, the media made Princess Diana into what she was and I believe, ultimately killed her. Her mother in law might not have approved of her in the end but the queen did respect her as a mother and let William and Harry live somewhat normal life. Diana was fiercely protective and I believe that she would be proud of the lives that her two boys have led. Well, she might be having talks with Harry now but I digress…

Queen Elizabeth was named queen after her dad died. Can you imagine growing up thinking that one day you would be queen? Not me that’s for sure. Can you imagine being Elizabeth and grieving the loss of your father and then being told…guess your the Queen of England? Oh and your husband is now your consort? I know my husband wouldn’t take to kindly to being a consort? Think about that for a minute. I think that Elizabeth has done the best that she can with the times and situations that she has been given to deal with as queen and as a mother. Yes, a mother. Ultimately, Queen Elizabeth is a mother. Okay, maybe not Harriet from Ozzie and Harriet but a mother. She is now a great-grandmother now, too.

Lastly, I would like to talk about someone that will be Queen of England in her lifetime…Kate. Yes, Kate Middleton. She and William have always kept my attention through the years. School mates, house mates, boyfriend/girlfriend, lovers and now husband/wife. In some ways, Kate was better groomed to be the next queen than Diana. Kate grew up from her late teens until now involved in William and his family. She knew what she was getting into and fell in love along the way. I truly believe that Kate and William are in love and you can see it in their faces and the way they touch each other. *sigh*

As you can tell, I’m rambling but I promise this week to have more trivia and posts.


  1. Very nice post. I enjoyed it.

  2. chitsuen says:

    I agree, that was a very nice post. I also think William and Kate are truly in love. I’m glad that the somewhat stuffy English aristocracy has evolved enough to let their future leaders fall naturally into love.

  3. I could not imagine being a queen. I am definitely not regal enough. 🙂
    I had to laugh at the consort comment. Thanks for sharing.

  4. rubyswan says:

    simply lovely..!

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