Do you know what today is?

Do you know what today is?

Its baseball season!!! At our house, we live for opening day. I’ve been a Rangers fan since they moved to Texas. My best memories in the summer are my parents packing a cooler and taking my younger brother & I to games. We sat in the bleachers, ate our sandwiches and during the 7th inning stretch, we always got a Pink Thing. Pink Things are the most disgusting frozen yogurt thing in the world but when I was kid, it was heaven.

As you can tell, we are a two team household. My hubby is from the Houston area, so he is an Astros fan, true and true. We’ve even been to Minute Maid Park and caught a game. For me, baseball signifies a couple of things that I have listed below:

1. Spring and the promise of new growth.
2. Not being cooped up in the house anymore.
3. Men in tight pants.
4. Men playing a sport that is a very simple game. It’s not a complicated game. Think about it.
5. It’s a sport that you can take your whole family to see and no one gripes.
6. What’s better than sitting outside, getting some sun on your ghost white legs and drinking a beer?
7. As a Rangers fan, its time to hate the Yankees again. It’s a tradition.
8. Major League…Rick Vaughn and the Wild Thing. 🙂
9. Bull Durham…”Isn’t that a little extreme for the Carolina League?”
10. Kevin Costner….enough said. The bedroom/bathroom/kitchen scenes in Bull Durham. Beyond hot….

I know that some of y’all are laughing or maybe even agreeing with me at this point. But for this baseball fanatic, today, Friday, April 6th, Opening Day for the Rangers couldn’t come any sooner.

Play ball!!!!

I couldn’t help it. I found the Bull Durham trailer and try to disagree with me on Kevin Costner. I dare you. Watch it until the end. 🙂



  1. Maria D, says:

    Yay for opening day!
    Bull Durham was such a fun movie:)

  2. best baseball movie EVER. Go Tigers!

  3. LOVE this post. I’m with you, but, one thing I disagree with you–PINK THINGS are A to the M to the A to the ZING!!! but, Six Flags changed them recently and they suck. bring back the real deal!! ugh
    on my senior trip, back in the day, 1988, caught an Astros game vs the NY Mets. was a great experience.
    My son went to one of the World Series games last fall and will forever be a memory.
    The same son’s little league baseball team won the state championship in Colorado and actually went to a little league world series tournament two seasons in a row….
    My daughter now plays softball.
    I can’t get enough of leather and laces…(I’m totally talking about something G rated this time. LOL)

    • We really need to get together. I had a Pink Thing last year and it wasn’t good. I want the real thing, too. My son looked at it and said that’s gross Momma.

      What is it about the boys of summer? *sigh*

  4. LOL I grew up watching the Rangers, but have been converted to a Yankees fan. We raised our kids in the San Diego area – still love the Padres, and they have the most family friendly game atmosphere I’ve ever seen – though there isn’t anything like being in Yankee stadium – the old one or the new one. Been to both. I don’t want to use your fabulous post to plug my book, but my latest release is an homage to my love for baseball. Gotta love those guys in tight pants! Anyway, since you are all my type of people – baseball fans, check out Inside Heat (get the pun?)

    Today is opening day for my beloved Yankees. Don’t know if I’ll get to watch the game though. I’m visiting my girls in SC and there’s talk of going to Greenville to see the Drivers play. They’re a minor league team for those dreaded BoSox. Don’t know if I can handle it, but I’m going to try! LOL I hear there’s food involved – of the ballpark kind, so I might just be able to survive!

    Great post! I have the same list of favorite baseball movies. Don’t forget The Natural. Awesome movie and ends much better than the book. And then there’s A League of Their Own. Gotta love that one, even though there aren’t any hunky men in uniform to ogle.

    Anyway…off for some fun with my girls today. Enjoy opening day!!

  5. OK, you got me….pretty hot!! BTW, I loved Pink!

  6. Melissa Limoges says:

    Not too much of a baseball person, but I’m glad it started for you! 🙂

  7. tazfl001 says:

    Excellent post. My parents met when playing ball. 🙂 I grew up with baseball/softball. I still have my first glove. I’ve been a Rangers fan since I was 9. The most memorable Rangers game was the 18 inning game (Red Sox vs Rangers) which the Rangers won. Hubby and I took my parents to the game and sat behind homeplate. To this day my parents bring up how much fun they had being a part of Rangers history.

    Go Rangers!!

  8. LOL, we are still in Hockey season. Playoffs start in a few days!

  9. flchen1 says:

    Fun post! We’re not really baseball watchers, but I love how it’s a love/obsession that ties many in our world together 🙂 Happy spring!

  10. Not a baseball fan, but I loved Major League and agree with you about Rick Vaughn and the Wild Thing. I’ve never watched Bull Durham, but I loved, loved The Natural! So cool that you’re a Rangers fan. My cousin was married to Rangers’ manager Johnny Oats. Love your enthusiasm for the game. 🙂

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